12 January 2014

Make(r) me

I'm so glad to have had a day of rest. My first thoughts this morning were about being a maker. The word is taking me over—I love it! My mind hasn't fully wrapped itself around Divine Parentage, but I do believe that I am a child of God and somehow I was made to become a maker. 

My early prayers centered on this inborn power, this trust—making, creating. It's compelling stuff. I want to make—the bed (for a change)! Breakfast! Friends. Love—in all its meanings. Space and environments. Sanctuary. The list is long. What I don't want to make are purchases—I want no imaginary debts accrued and no strings attached when I make, when I give. Making has the potential to be its own reward. It's a power, but one which loses its strength if used to manipulate. Trying to buy favor or affection, and hoping to obligate someone, for instance, both fly in the face of honest making and cancel out the joy of it. 

What a wonderful mysterious thing to have been made in the image of the Divine. What an enlivening challenge to wake up and realize I have right now to carry on that lasting and heavenly purpose, to choose to remake myself moment by moment in that same eternal image. It was done for me in the beginning so I could become a maker myself, a chooser, a builder, under the kind guidance of a loving Creator. 

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Holly Decker said...

you have made so many wonderful things in the past year alone! i feel so gypped that i moved far away and wish i could have come see your projects and plays. you astound me with your creative juices and talent for people and life.