30 December 2011

Stuff I didn't buy 3

Rob and I made a quick stop at our favorite secondhand store this afternoon so Rob could hunt for some amps. No luck for him, but I must say I found some gems. I picked up a great book of crème brûlée recipes and a collection of classic Welsh short stories. But as usual, the more interesting items were the ones I didn't buy. Sometimes just having photos of them is enough, especially the writings that are left behind in old notebooks and journals. This time I got to see the inner workings of the minds of two young boys:

"... and at the end of the Day i'd Rather stay." Yeah, so would I, kid. 
Yesss! Something really useful on the last page
 of a notebook full of spelling lists and long division. 
And here is almost an entire book club set of one of my all-time favorite reads, Haven Kimmel's hilarious first installation of her childhood memoirs. Next to those eight copies of A Girl Named Zippy is her excellent follow-up book. I was so tempted to grab them all for a mere two bucks apiece, but my inner accountant advised me to be practical. *sigh* Glad I have my own copy—might need to dust it off and dip into it to combat the January greys that I know are coming. Maybe you should pick up a copy for yourself, and we can spend an evening laughing about it together and reminiscing over some of our own family stories. We could even whip up some fake blood and enjoy a little recess from life. Howzaboutit?

It's Haven heaven at D.I.!


Chemical Billy said...

Fake blood is exactly what I needed to make my day complete. Thanks, m'dear.

Marsha said...

A Girl Named Zippy is on my "favorite books" list. You have great taste - and you taste great!

Holly Decker said...

you NEVER cease to amaze me.
and here i was, thinking that Mesa's DI was better than Provo's. now i can see i got it all wrong.

Sherry said...

I can see my nephews writing that fake blood recipe. Hey, you know the author is coming to the library this month right? (Haven Kimmel) I thought it was a cute book.

Kimbooly said...

I'm a random blogger who found you from a comment you left on someone else's site, but when I saw the fake blood recipe, I grinned, as I have four boys of varying ages, and that could have been something you'd find in my house. Haha.

Glad to hear you don't dress up dogs and put them in strollers. I've seen people push dogs down slides at the park (the dogs were dressed, of course). My god-daughter and her mom, a dear friend of mine, actually purchased a stroller for their dog. Whenever they walk they openly joked about being judged by anyone who sees them. It makes me laugh that they have a doggy stroller.

Bonnie said...

Hey Georgie Pie:

Have you read the follow-up, She Got Up Off the Couch?

Also delightful. Not as much as Zippy, but fun to follow her mom, before, after and during Zippy's story.

marshall p said...

I saw that "marsha" made a comment and I had to double check to make sure I didn't already make a comment.

Kristen B. and I both loved Zippy!

bookstores are fun, but now I want everything on a kindle. (for the RV livin'.)

love, the real Marshall P.