23 December 2011

Oh, how lovely was the morning

The First Vision, by Warren Luch 1990 (featured in Ensign, January 2005)

I so respect a man who isn't too proud to stop and ask for directions when he's lost.

Happy birthday to one of my most revered heroes—Joseph Smith. Because of his influence in my life, I have a deeper understanding of my reason for being and a clearer, more compelling purpose for continuing on. Thanks to him I have a good grasp on my origin and my destination, and a comprehension that my journey is about joy. He has helped nurture my faith in God, in truth, and in myself.

I love that he was a seeker, and a worker. I love that he asked important questions. I love that he listened for answers, and then put them to good use. I love that he never ever stop inquiring, and was never ever passive.

Recently, I did some sound editing for a collaborative art installation that Rob and I are exhibiting locally. A phrase from one of the interviews I worked on has been rolling around in my head for days and days: "serving... and loving... and making...." These are some of the foundational priorities in my life, elements of creation. Thank you, Joseph Smith, for showing me how to create, and to know my Creator.

Because of Joseph Smith, the feelings I have during the Christmas season are sweeter and more sacred. All I have to do to feel the holiday spirit is to pull back from the red-nosed swagger of commercialism and meditate on what I know of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, remember the quiet stirrings I've experienced within my own soul, and celebrate light and truth, questions and answers, and creating.

Happy birthday. Thanks for teaching me. You've been God's hands in my life, and have helped me see how and why to be that for others.


Aubrey said...

Your post brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing your testimony and spirit with us all. Love you tons!

Aubrey said...

oh...p.s. this is stacey :) guess I'm signed in with my book blog alias...

Betsy said...

I loved your post, Georgia. I was especially thrilled to see the Warren Luch illustration. I took Basic Design from him oh-so-many-years ago; he was such a fine teacher, both challenging and kind. I know his wonderful wife died some years ago, and I've wondered many times where he is now.
p.s. Altho' I didn't go on to pursue graphic art formally, what I learned in that class has been foundational in my approach to all the arts. And I don't mind confessing that to my surprise I got the only A in the class.

Celeste Jean said...

Thank you for this Geogia. Beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

I heart this.