27 August 2011

Miracles Are

Exhibit A.
You flew in the sky from there to here, to see your family, but you came to see me too, and I got to wrap my arms around you, and you are still you are still you are still my dear darling girl, my friend, my you-know-who. That's the sweetest blessing and benediction to a week that began with my getting dumped (thankfully not by Rob). That was the worst. You are the best. I love that we are still heart and soul friends and I hope I hope I hope that will always be our joy. I believe I believe I believe it will be.

Exhibit B.
You, amazing person who also flew in the sky from there to here, are exactly the person I expected. I don't brag like lots of people do that I am a good judge of character, because really, who can suss out that sort of information without a great deal of work and actual revelation? Such a declaration always embarrasses me. What I do claim is that it doesn't take long to love people, and every once in a while that feeling seems to predate the friendship itself. So when did I start knowing you, anyway? Logic says it must have been the first time I studied you in photos. But even then I felt a sense of recognition, so it must have been earlier still. Huh. Well, nice to meet you and finally get to say I like you out loud and to your face.

Exhibit C.
Thunder and rain. Comfort sounds.

Exhibit D.
After my third hamburger in less than 24 hours, I am completely ready and can hardly wait for The Great Garden Produce Purge of September. I wish I was starting my juice fast tomorrow, I am that tired of food, but I still have some prep to do. I am so ready to wash my brain and my whole system with veg and fruit. A full month of harvest season relief and bliss! It was that final devastating hamburger, the one at the ward picnic this evening, that pushed me over the edge. I don't care if I eat meat again till autumn. Or maybe ever. Ack!


Scott said...

Thunder and rain....truly amazing sounds.

Glad you had a miracle day. While I definitely wish I could learn to like veggies more (Merilee is doing her best to help), even I, the confirmed carnivore, can't do three burgers in 24 hours =) I did pizza three times in 24 hours once and my stomach hated me for it.

Holly Decker said...

exibit E:
that you, darling Georgia, made my day by commenting on my last five posts. you have no idea how much this brightened my gray day. and yes, you have a good point... i should definitely stay away from naming double chins... even scrumptious sally ones!

hugs and hopes to more miracles your way.

Amy said...

How anyone could ever want to break up with you is beyond me. I miss you, too.

Heather said...

1. I am so glad you are blogging a ton. 2. I wish I felt the same way about meat--maybe after a week in the south I will.

Alicen said...

bonafide blog stalker here. Thank you for sharing your miracles. It makes me so much more cognizant of my own. And, I am soooo ready for a juice fast...I was just telling my husband this last night. Time to purge so many toxins and clear this vessel.

Melody said...

NaBloPoMo! Go, Geo, go!

P.S. I love you and your way.

Chad and Elizabeth said...

So far I have incorporated two juice meals a day but maybe if you are doing it too we can be juice fast buddies and I can fully commit! Have you been juicing at all yet? If so what have you most enjoyed juicing?

Chemical Billy said...

How did I miss this post...!? My dear Geo, I will love you forever. You are so many good things, I can't begin to count them all.