25 August 2011

It Followed Me Home

Some people find lucky pennies. I found a lucky squash, when I was passing the high school on my ride over to the track this morning.

It made me laugh. It followed me home. Okay, that's stretching the truth. Technically it didn't follow me—it rode in my bike basket. 

I'll cook it tomorrow so I can get two days' mileage out of this particular miracle. Maybe I'll find an onion in the morning while I'm out riding. A feral cucurbit and a feral allium fried in butter and sea salt—what could be tastier?


Jamie said...

I would follow you home! ;) I love and miss you so , and it's so great that you're blogging a bit more, just for me, I am sure. Love the JDawg foto, too--so happy. I keep forgetting you cut your hair, and I love seeing it short, so beautiful! I cut mine too, so much feel out after baby was born, you can see thru it! But short-n-sassy never hurt anybody, no sir. Love you sooooo very much. Circumstances lately have taken me back to several different communications between us over the years (a letter you send me on my mish on the occasion of your 30th bday, a comment on my blog about miscarriage, a gift tag you sent with a blanket for sweet baby james, etc.) and like--which prophet was it, Brigham?, said of Joseph, I want to praise heaven everytime I think ponder the blessing of having you and Rob (and tribe) in my life. You are one of life's greatest blessings. Now you should do some telephone therapy and call me sometime!

Holly Decker said...

how unsuspecting and colorful! i love those photos beyond words. if i was a squash i would follow you home, too. what a lucky squash to be found by you- a person who really appreciated it.