21 March 2011

So May I Introduce to You the Act I've Known for All These Years

Sgt. Robert's lovely free verse poems.

I'm very proud of my dearest friend. I couldn't be prouder of him if he was reading tonight on that prestigious stage in NYC, and enjoying the trip that almost was. His sensitivity and talent shine and I applaud him as adoringly as any slick city audience could, and more. I just hope he isn't quietly disappointed somewhere down deep inside by this crowd of only one, and that one not too smartly dressed for the occasion.

Congratulations, Rob, on making a beautiful contribution to what I hope was a perfect evening for our friends, the Lunatics.


Chemical Billy said...

Carnegie Hall is the poorer. Lovely piece.

But what a wonderful reason. My heart is with you both.

Melody said...

Mine too.

Mom said...

It's so nice you have each other to hold onto!