01 January 2011

Sliding (part 1)

Photography tip: If you want to capture a feeling of motion in a picture, it generally doesn't work to shoot straight into the oncoming action, like so:

and so:

and so:

and so:

or you wind up getting static shots that give no sense of speed. Shoot from the side or it will make little difference whether your subject moves rapidly (Rob) or slowly (Geo); what you'll end up with is a static image. As in this case, you could miss out on accurately demonstrating the whee of an overdue sliding lesson, sought by an eager, awkward novice and delivered with playful panache by a long-time pro, at Utah Lake on a bitingly cold New Year's Day. (But this doesn't mean it wasn't fun.)

More on this and other January subjects tomorrow. Happy 2011, everyone.


Dr. Stockton said...

Those made me smile real big.

suzanne said...

I have had these horrible boots for years, since high school. Horrible because the bottoms are like anti-traction devices. But one bright, screamingly cold day in Salt Lake City, when light, snap-frozen snow had fallen on top of old, packed-tight snow, I found myself, with a friend, facing a walk of about fifteen blocks, awful in contemplation, but MOSTLY DOWNHILL. We slid it, my horrible boots and I. All of it, every block. Ran and slid. We left my friend a mere speck in the far distance. Mere, because she had on wonderful boots, which held her sturdy and precise on the treacherous sidewalks.
A treasure in my memory.

dalene said...

You're so cute. And brave. My last sliding experience left me purple and blue and almost broken.

Happy New Year to you, too!

Melody said...

To slide on snow and ice is to know a special kind of joy. .. now you know. Happy Day!

When you're ready, we'll talk about bizzing.

anna said...

That looks fun and cold and made me laugh!

Scott said...

I haven't done that since grade school in Murray when they took our wax candles away that we used to make our shoes more slick. It was always great fun until I fell and gave myself goose eggs on the back of my skull.

Holly Decker said...

fabulous tradition. i am adding it to our list.