02 January 2011

Love Gifts

I received two Love Gifts today, one from a dear friend, and the other from my lovely mum-in-law.

One gift I understand:

The other I do not:

Look closely at the details.

See how this one is intended to help me sleep? Notice the ingenious ribbing; I can pour boiling water straight from the kettle into this bottle (and I did, just now), crawl into bed with it and snuggle up, and it won't scald my skin. Brilliant.

But this one! I swear this one wants to play havoc with my dreams. YOU try staring for a moment into that one creepy blue eye and then tell me this Mammy doll wouldn't just looove to mess you up good on your way to Slumberland! I'm a little afraid of Mammy. Her attitude toward me doesn't change even after I reason with her that I'm not racist and that I do want her to have a great life, follow her dreams, and go by her real name. She's not buying it. She won't see my point. I guess having only one eye kills your perspective...

I think I'll have to resort to the safety technique I employed in a similar emergency when I was a kid. I hid the scary hard plastic killer doll (who GAVE me that thing anyway?) in the bottom of my closet, smothering her beneath all the extra blankets and shoes I could find... and then I lay awake, thinking about her, hoping she couldn't dig her way out and get me.

Good thing I have this new hot water bottle to help me feel secure.

Remind me to tell you sometime about the crazy bloodthirsty antique doll (child-size) I watched walk down a hallway one night at a childhood sleepover. Aiee!

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Catherine Hess said...

I miss you, Georgia! Thanks for blogging so I can still fell a sence of connection to you and your interesting life. Will you do me a favor? Give Ellen a hug and have her give you a hug from me? Thanks. Hope you are doing well! Love, Catherine