05 January 2011

Buns in the Oven

Stayed awake half the night thinking about these:

This is my eleven-day-old cousin. Well, eleven yesterday.

She's the procreatee of two wonderful people:

Can you tell which is my blood relation?

Because I was up so far into the night (morning), thinking about my own long and winding path to parenthood, I woke up with a sick, underslept headache. It turned migrainous later in the day. I was good for much of nothing from that point on. No cooking. No thinking. No talking. Nothing but down comforter and hot water bottle (thanks again, Mirjam) and drugs and shades drawn.

I emerged from my underground cave hours later, and was met by these beauties cooling on the kitchen table:

The Baker Man had been hard at work. He had also filled my giant red Knit Night pot with chicken soup, but I didn't get a picture of that. Nice late supper. Nice Rob. 

Talk about comfort food. I'm going back to bed now to dream of lovin' from the oven. 


Stacey said...

Sweet babies in the oven has been on my mind a lot lately too.

Love you so much Georgia! I know it means little coming from someone who has one, but since I'm having a really hard time trying to have #2 I do understand in some ways. I wish I could take the heartache from you.

You are MUCH loved just the way you are! HUGS!!!!!!

Jenna said...

Gosh I love you!

Makenzie Iorg said...

You have such a kind husband to make you that beautiful bread!

Becca said...

Reading this gives me a migrainous heart; that is, my heart is aching for you.

Those buns look amazing and congratulations on your sweet new little cousin (and I can't tell which is the blood relation).

Holly Decker said...

husbands are great, but ones that can bake are even better, and the ones that use their skills to cheer a wife? THE BEST OF THE BEST!

glad that both of us are relying on baked yummies to get through the day today.

hugs my friend.

Jamie said...

I'm with Becca on this. There are few things in the world that make me more sad than your "path." Ugh. And I am so grateful for Rob...how sweet.

That baby sure is yummy! My guess is that her daddy is your cousin, tho I don't know quite why.

Love you so much. Thanks you for being so kind and happy for me even in your heartache.

suzanne said...

Stop being sick.
Come see me instead.

Mickelle said...

Bread is the best comfort food on the planet. Men baking that bread must, therefore, equal one of the best husbands on the planet, too.

Mary said...

The waiting is so very very hard. Know I think of you every day. Good bread is always a comfort though, I have to say, no matter what the situation. Yay,Rob!

Kalli Ko said...

you are my hero brave girl!