20 December 2010

Hi, Neighbors

Long-time beloveds and more recent inductees into adoration who crossed our threshold today:
  • brother Brian (who likes toast with oomph)
  • Annie Lennox (via CD—thanks, Brian)
  • all three Homo sapiens inhabitants of Tribal Headquarters (Dad in a cloud of sick-day vision, the women fluttering anxiously behind)
  • skinny Dave (whom I intend to feed)
  • Melody's offspring, Luke (who seems like a lovable guy in his own right, but automatically warrants a place on this list because he's got his mama's blood and steadily merits her approval)
  • President Amanda (with her megawatt smile)
  • Leland and Charla (even though they came while we were having dinner at Mama Pupusas'—phoo)
  • Santa, née Bruce (out of uniform and wearing a safari hat and no whiskers, but ho-ho-ho-ing merrily as ever)
  • the shake rattle and roll Tanner boys (come a-bearing season's drum beatings)
A great day for visitors!

1 comment:

Melody said...

Luke didn't tell me he'd met you! Hurray for favorite people meeting favorite people! And what lovely things you say here, as always. Love you. Miss you.