19 December 2010

Flower shower

Today is June Roses Day. My third. Your third too, though you might only be learning about it now. Don't despair if you didn't celebrate it today; as creator of the holiday I give you leave to make up for lost time in the coming days. Extend it, if you like. June Roses Day, like Christmas, really could be kept all year long to great advantage. Do your homework; click the link above and begin to explore your options. Then plant, tend, pick, or press your beautiful roses. Remember, remember them.

I had intended to spend some time today reminiscing about the Provo Tabernacle, which was completely gutted this week by a terrible fire, a whirlwind of a fire. That's still on this week's schedule, but my day was taken up entirely by meetings and appointments, and by time spent with one very sick husband (mine, in case you're wondering). That's alright. I had some good moments today—most importantly, I had a deeply and sweetly surreal experience which let me know that I am lovingly remembered by someone who means the world and more to me. This isn't the time to elaborate on the particulars of that, but I know I will share here some of my processing about it when the hour's not so late and the talking feels right. I just wanted to send out a quiet thank you to the powers that be for showering me with some beautiful roses which I will remember and cherish all my life.

Here's an abbreviated grateful list for the day:
  • a snooze button
  • oatmeal
  • a clean house (or part of one)
  • being okay with slept-on hair
  • epiphany: music works like water
  • our ward choir's beautiful rendition of "O, Holy Night"
  • watching a family begin a tradition of worshipping together
  • knowing when to miss class to listen to a friend
  • the sweetness of this
  • a stranger's warm smile
  • being busy all day with people busy caring for people
  • high-grading the bishop's candy stash
  • being thanked
  • being trusted
  • Gingerbread Moose Munch
  • other people's barbecue
  • the fun of being pestered by an impish long-time friend (I'm talking to you, Ray.)
  • sharing faith
  • sharing Christmas
  • sacred songs of the season
  • talk time
  • fresh carrot-orange juice
  • Henry Van Dyke
  • Rob's Christmas song (so so very)


Dr. Stockton said...

Yeah, but you know what trumps a snooze button? Cats. Cats and their wet bonking noses and paws on my face and that sense of kitty entitlement to food right now. Now. did I mention now?

Elle and Jared said...

thanks for the list. i needed that.