10 November 2010

This post has nothing to do with cancer

This post has to do with people and their stories, which I have just spent two days recording. It has everything to do with listening. And telling. And being here, now. So we can carry each other.

Thank you, Becca. Thank you, Grandpa Joe. Thank you, Mickelle. Thank you for sharing your voices and letting me simply sit and adore you. Our sessions were over much too soon!


Becca said...

I loved it, thank you! I only wish I'd had a recorder for all the time in the car and at the buffet (I think my Grandpa Joe and your Gram have some things in common). I think I got 6 hours of stories yesterday!

moiety said...

Geo, where did I just spot on your blog that you just got the Borges volume on imaginary animals? I've been thirsting to read that for ages; will you drop me a hint some day if I can borrow it?