11 October 2010

I think I'll blog now

Rolling around in my head tonight: I'm not who I was but I'm exactly the same person I've always been. 

To misquote performance artist Laurie Anderson, "Paradox is exactly like where you are right now, only much much better."

Hey, wasn't that some kind of magic on the calendar yesterday? 10-10-10. Whoever dreamed such a date? It would have been the perfect time, I guess, to make a fresh start on something—in my case maybe a neglected blog (ahem). But last night after getting the urge to hang around again here On Bright Street, I decided to wait for today to come and break the spell—today, the 11th, a day old donut, the morning after, when the count went all awkward again with that extra 1. However you choose to write the date—a la American 10-11-10 or European 11-10-10—there was no parade to welcome it. Nobody I know of gleefully Facebooked about it or ever stared at a wall clock for a full 60 seconds, celebrating the special minute that added the maximum amount of perfect numbers to an already flawless lineup. Nah, this day's just been one homely Monday with not a single mystical power to recommend it. 

It's been exactly two months since I last wrote here. That's pure coincidence, nothing intentional, I assure you. I'm simply ready to break the long silence and abandon my latest round of notions about pulling the plug on this blog. Might as well leave it be. It's not bothering anyone that I know of. 

I'm back for more and I'm glad it's a plain ol' awkward day. 



Mary said...

Welcome back, I've missed you. :-)

Alicen said...

Glad you decided not to pull the plug! I love your writings.

Sweet Capture said...

Hi... glad you're back. :)

Becca said...

Hi. Glad you're back and I love the new design.

Apropos of the paradox "I'm not who I was but I'm exactly the same person I've always been", I have those exact thoughts frequently.

Amy said...

It's always a good day when something from bright street shows up on my google reader. :) Love you.

Kalli Ko said...

Hi, I missed you too.

Chemical Billy said...

Mighty happy to see you back on the Street. And your new look is lovely.

Don't forget the ISO-approved date format: 2010-10-11. But that would never have produced the satisfying 10-10-10.