04 May 2010

Since Yesterday

I promised you bullet points, and I mean to deliver. I'm especially grateful for—
  • birthday eggs from Joh Pokeysmith: blue, green, buff
  • Stephanie Nielson's "Mormon Message" 
  • big fat blueberries, even in so-so muffins
  • rediscovering the word "honkey," thanks to Justin
  • iWork's budget template
  • someone worth working for to work things out with
  • figuring out a recipe for honkey lasagna to help out friends who don't like vegies or spices
  • a toddler who stays inert indefinitely for tickles and backrubs
  • Johnny's Mary (I heart you)
  • Really? Somebody actually wants to dress like me? Well, that's a first! (Okay, here's how, just not at thrift store prices. Sorry, Darly, I just got lucky.)
  • Asics
  • kid-pronunciations: "crotch-eting" (crocheting) 
  • my dear friend and her two little girls are still alive and safe after a man using his cell while driving hit their double-stroller on 3rd South today (thank you, thank you, thank you, Father)
  • a friendly pair: one cop, one channel 2 news guy
  • Cher & Evan
  • being given a stolen pink tulip by a beaming child and wearing it proudly, Billie Holiday-style
  • houseplants with an unconquerable will to live
  • continuing to do despite being terrified (see: adoption process)
  • "Ya can't steer a parked car."
  • change
  • eavesdropping on conversations while walking along Center Street (especially on Tuesday night, after a City Council meeting)
  • a pair of sugary elephant ears from Shirley's bakery given as a love offering after patching up an argument (elephants never forget to listen sweetly?)


Jamie said...

elephant ears heal a multitude of owies.

at our house, so do gas station nachos with extra jalpenos.

I love that Justin said bull honkey cuz my uncles used to say that when I was a little girl. It's funny. I always pictured Ferdinand blowing his nose.

I really love you and your bullet list. I think I will start my days with a cup-o-geo more often cuz the past few have been pretty dang fab. Sadly, I think I may get to come take you up on the squeeze sooner than later. You are definitely the bright spot in that scenario, though! xo

Geo said...

Jamie, you just get yourself here and I will squeeze the guts right out of you. I love you.

Dr. Stockton said...

Jeez, I got nothing but bullet points these days ... only two before I head off for work:

Feed Cats

Clan cat box

(there's got to be a way to automate this).

More cogent thoughts later.

Geo said...

It would seem that your cats have bullet points too:

• Eat food.
• Fill cat box.

Everybody needs a job, yeah?