05 May 2010

Human Beans, Indigestion

Do this:

Go to Pandora.
Scroll down and click on "Genre Stations."
Select "Latin."
Then select "Mexican."

Now you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with me while doing your day's work.

Sick at my stomach. Umpteenth day.
Adoption orientation/intake in a few hours. Step one.
Kneeling. Praying.
Pep talk.
Couldn't eat a taco now if I tried.

¡Gracias al cielo de Pandora!

And gracias to our dear ones who are sending prayers and happy thoughts our way.

P.S. Thanks to you-know-who for paying more than we asked for the guitar amp. You are sneaky and crazy and we love you.


Linda said...

Many happy thoughts Georgia. Good luck today. :)

Geo said...

Thanks, Linda!

Amy said...

This Pandora station makes me almost as happy as what you are doing today. Just kidding, not even close. :) I hope that you have a wonderful day in spite of the sick and the scary. Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts!

(Do you realize that I am currently residing in the state named after you? It's nice cuz this way I get reminded of you all the time.) :)

suzanne said...


Amy said...

Good luck, Georgia! We love you!

Eric said...

I say :) to this post.