16 May 2010



Saturday is a special day.
It's the day we get ready for Sunday. 
We grab our hats 
And we hike to the Y
And we ride up the bike trail to Borders.
We make salad 
And we go to the church
And we eat barbecue with our neighbors.
Then we soak in the tub
And we curse our shin splints
That'll keep us from walking on Sunday.

In other Saturday news, I made:

  • really good whole wheat sourdough pancakes (the biscuits on that page are also great)
  • editing marks on a friend's screenplay
  • bubble bath: 1 liter water + 100 ml glycerine + 100 ml Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap + 2 drops patchouli oil + 7 drops geranium oil
  • noise (aka music practice)
  • my first complete and correct page of lyrics and chords for The Be Heres' up and coming Ukulele Songbook (Nellie the Elephant, if you want to know)


Dr. Srtockton said...

You know who else is from Castile besides that Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap?

Gomez Addams.

just sayin'.

Price Family said...

Last night I dreamed that a woman got up at testimony meeting and announced that ward members could accompany themselves on ukulele if they wished. There was such a stampede that they supplied extra microphones and someone even hauled in a double bass complete with shipping crate.

anna said...

I like your new lyrics lol I still think of that song on Saturdays :) I love the Price Family's dream. btw, I felt the effects of a full 3 lines of hugs and kisses, whatever the comment format turned them into :)