25 April 2010

Reasons to smile today

And this list is just for starters—
  • My retro polyester Edna Stride suit fit me well enough to wear today with its waist slightly unzipped. That's progress.
  • None of my eight divas stood me up for this morning's Relief Society readers' theater. That doesn't count the one whose doctor ordered her to stay on bed rest the day after our first rehearsal. (Totally unrelated events, I'm certain.) We made it successfully through our performance and only offended one person that I know of. We were received well by a good-hearted class, thankfully also one with a collectively good sense of humor. 
  • Rob playing the part of the angel Moroni for Primary kids this morning and making his own costume, consisting of an enormous white "conduit" hat and two LED shop lights. I had offered to spray paint him gold and send him to church with the antique trumpet. 
  • Breaking my fast with peruano bean hummus and homemade Nutella.
  • Getting a terrific idea for a broadside project.
  • Remembering two of my favorite people today, on their shared birthday: the legendary Tony Kahn and the infamous Riban Conbajos. I love you both.
  • Realizing again how great it is to serve with three very lovely men in the stake Sunday School. It's continually surprising to me how much I enjoy this calling. The leaders I work with are tremendous people, really funny, intelligent, sensitive, inspired characters, not to mention excellent teachers, and I count myself lucky not just to work with them, but also to have the experience so few women do in any part of this world—that of feeling respected, valued, and among friends in the company of men. 
  • I spontaneously told a secret to a friend today, but he won't tell (although I might, soon).
  • Meeting our rockstar neighbors, Dan, David, and Marty, after they got their plastic kite stuck in the tree across the street. Fifteen seconds after meeting us, Dan was playing and singing for me on our front steps. Funny, lovable guys. Dan and I discovered we have the same favorite restaurant in Portland: Riyadh's Lebanese. 
  • Tickling a plump, sweet, and juicy nephew.
  • The whole western contingent of The Tribe plus one adopted grandma gathered for Mum's late birthday celebration—bigs and littles. 
  • Baby bro-in-law Chris' abfab pun. If you know him, I'll let him tell you instead of ruining it. Tell him you want to know how to analyze a book.
  • A funny impromptu family reading after dinner of the morning's readers' theater, followed by the hammed-up singing of old spirituals. 
  • Watching nieces and nephews grow and become more themselves, especially E., who is on the verge of turning into a young woman. 
  • Being told twice today by unexpected but heartfelt sources: "I love you!" and "I'm glad you were born!" 
  • Going for a night walk, holding hands with my dear Rob and keeping talk to a minimum after a noisy, busy day.
  • Our beloved Pokeysmiths moving to Salt Lake Valley soon.
  • JH, listen. You're no stranger. You're a friend. The end.
(Looks like I should wear my Edna Stride supersuit more often. See what a great day it produced?)


Mary said...

Ooo, ooo, oooo, homemade nutella . . dish, do! Would you share a recipe? (and glad you had such a lovely day)

suzanne said...

You're amazing and deserve this day AND YOU CAN MAKE NUTELLA?!?!

Dr. Srtockton said...

" ... to spray paint him gold and send him to church with the antique trumpet."

I'd pay real money to see that.

Jessie said...

I personally loved the hat and the lights... and so did the kids. You are fantastic, and so is your man. Thanks. :)

anna said...

yay for great days! I'm sad I missed the party with hammed up singing... That's always my favorite kind of family get together. I love you Geo, I'm glad you were born, and I'm glad I was born and Rob was born so we could all meet one another.