30 April 2010


Never mind the snow; it's a golden day.
April 30th is the new October 1st.
Hackworth is the new Wonka.

Comb your hair! Wash your face! Polish your shoes!


c-dub said...

Yay you!

Jamie said...

R U getting a hackworth foto? I'm jealous!

Geo said...

Yes! Yes, I did, James, and Mum went with me. Justin is even lovelier than you can imagine. I never thought I'd say this about having a camera aimed at my face, but . . . it was actually . . . fun. Did i really just say that? If Justin can put two camera-phobes at ease, then he must be made of magic.

Karen/Chookooloonks said...

Dude, Hackworth IS the new Wonka. We traded photographs back in January, and I LOVE mine.

Your images are beautiful1