25 October 2009

'Tis simple to be a gift

• Rob's beautiful Sabbath lunch
• sorting
• tidy brown acorns smooth as fingernails
• canyon air
• two spills of yellow on a moody grey mountainside
• a lost set of retractable earphones
• walking shoes
• conversational water, rushing along
• a step-hushing carpet of aspen leaves
• primeval horsetail
• trail hugs
• a lost ruffed grouse feather
• being allowed to watch a dipper at work, from only a few feet away
• finding gold in South Fork
• 40 wild turkeys, grazing soundlessly (it's not mating season)
• a tubful of aromatic bath salts, a salty grilled cheese sandwich, and a cheesy vampire novel
• stillness
• kindness
• sleep


c-dub said...

where's the "like" button when you need it. i love the simple gifts. happy day!

Geo said...

Funny how often I have the impulse anymore to click the "Like" button too. Facebook has messed with my brain.