26 October 2009

I've got a few questions

What can be done with just one persimmon?
Have you ever been stared down by a grasshopper?
Shave my head, or dye what's left?
Can you guess which petrified body part I found on a mountain trail today?
(TB, you are disqualified from answering that last question.)
How long does it take for fresh garlic to get picklish sitting in the fridge in leftover brine?
Do you have this song memorized, so you can sing it to your SO?


Jamie said...

sooooo cute! i just watched American Experience about the 20's and the crash, and I was thinkin' about rockin' some flapper hair. LOVE IT! LOVE YOU (bald or otherwise!

Irina said...

I think you should eat that one persimmon all by yourself! (if it is still too hard wait a bit for it to soften :) or just give it to your Russian friend as a present :)

Take heart my friend, whatever mean grasshopper stared you down, you have won because it is snowing today and he will freeze out there, while you will enjoy a nice steaming cup of good herbal tee :)

I think you will look fabulous with whatever hairstyle you choose. But maybe you should wait for Halloween before doing anything really funky :)

I have a hair question for you too. I am collecting votes on whether or not to cut my hair short (maybe chinlength or so) and donate the mane to Locks of Love...

That is a cute song, I will certainly attempt to learn it by heart :)

Have fun!!

Are you still a chair person of our knitting group?? Is it still in existence??

Nigel said...

If it has truly become necessary to shave your head, Halloween would be the perfect time. Millie has flapper hair right now. She's discovered curlers.

TB said...

shaving your head depends on the shape of your skull and how many bumps you might or might not have.

Lois said...

Yes, listen to Nigel. He knows.

anna said...

persimon salsa for two.
been chased but not stared down.
shave and dye. leopard spots.
a hoof?
umm... how soon do you want to eat it?
no. but it needs to go on my list. love you geoge.

Chemical Billy said...

You lovely, beautiful woman, you.

Eat that persimmon right out of hand. If it's a Fuyu, that is. Yum.

moiety said...

Georgia, I'm catching up to a limited extent on my 1000+ Google Reader items (the G has stopped counting exactly) and you're on the "do actually catch up" list. Do you like Annette Henshaw? Have you ever watched "Sita Sings the Blues"?