19 October 2009


This is second day in a row I've had to slip away from the crowd and lock myself in a bathroom for a cry. Yesterday the annual Primary program sent me there; they sang and spoke about eternal families and the kids were more killingly adorable than I remember them being in years. Tonight it was my own little nieces fawning over their pumpkins an uncle and aunt helped them carve that turned on my waterworks again. Then I ended up snuffling quietly to myself all over the Moondoggie house because our last big family fling before Annie flies home to Hawaii was just so beautiful. That, and I can barely stand to say goodbye.

• a wonderful meal
• people I love so much it actually hurts sometimes (like tonight)
• pumpkin guts and seeds and a long line of crazy jack-o-lanterns grinning in the rain
• living room mosh pit ballet
• guitars, banjos, piano, tumbling, singing, barking, shouting, stomping—a howling hoedown
• words of love, encouragement, faith
• rip-snorting children, madcap adults
• bedtime songs
• people able to express love
• safety and security

I never knew what joy in a family looked like till I married into The Tribe. I'm grateful to them all, particularly my Rob, for accepting me and allowing me to be part of something so marvelous. I'm grateful to know that I can choose to continue these relationships forever.


c-dub said...

love this. love you.

Jamie said...

oh, Georgia...beautiful post (again) squeezing my heart! and if your'e making ME cry, I imagine Heidi is sobbing in fetal position...i can picture the wonderful FHE so perfectly. Also, my kids sang that "Family is of God" song for FHE and it made me cry. Something about the chorus and the theology of the family just rings so true, it kills me everytime: "God gave us families (including in-laws) to help us become what he wants us to be. This is how he shares His love, for the family is of God." Amen and amen.

Kalli Ko said...

I would bet the farm that the feelings are entirely mutual...

Jessie said...

Those kids get me every time (the primary ones, not your family, I've never met them, though I'm sure they're very sweet, too). I, too, am VERY blessed to have wonderful in-laws, whom I am so very grateful for, as my own family has grown apart and changed so much over the last couple of years. Thank you for sharing this. I love love love reading your words.

Becca said...

Last night was a sweet evening for me too, all the way around. I was debating about posting the impromptu ballet clip but decided to hold off. Glad you caught it though. I can really relate to what you express here about family love and expression; glad I get to share in this clan with you.