18 October 2009

Easy for you, maybe

Rob and I had a little council tonight and discussed a new-fangled schedule which includes regular times for meals, pulling in the shutters, early-to-bed and early-to-rise, decompression, and de-stressing. You're wondering, maybe, why this is a topic of discussion after—how many years of marriage?—but that just means you aren't well-acquainted with the general disorder of my brain. Yes, I'll take the fall for this one; Rob is far more successful at being steady and stable. But to my credit, I initiated the conversation. Guess who's been watching reruns of Supernanny? I may not have kids, but I'm picking up some helpful tips. Routine is not a dirty word after all.

Anyway, part of my plan is to cut out late nights. Strong words from an insomniac-by-inheritance! But really, I know my ongoing sleep-deprived state is a terrific aggravator of so many seemingly unrelated parts of my life. What's that peppy slogan—? "I can do hard things."

So, it's just past 9:00—time for me to call it a day now and begin winding down. All y'all night owls have fun without me. This zombie is going to try and reform. Goodnight, Mac! Goodnight, Moon!


Jennifer B. said...

This is my challenge too! Good luck. I want to know how it goes.

Jamie said...

I absolutely have a testimony of this, Geo, and I know it's always a struggle. I am by nature a night owl' my natural man is nocturnal. But my lifestyle choice (raising a family, etc) and my health (deteriorating) all point to following the scriptural counsel to get to bed early & get up early. I am doing pretty well, asleep by 10:30pm 90% of the time. There are still times when my unquiet mind, or an especially chaotic day require a few hours of late night solitude, but for the most part I feel better in every way when I follow the 10:30- 6:30 schedule. I wish you luck, and congratulations on a successful companionship inventory :) love U

Sweets said...

Even though our children are grown, I love watching Super Nanny! It's not just about training children, it's about disciplining ourselves too. Great reminder, Georgia. Thanks!

c-dub said...


Amy said...

I've had many long periods in my life with insomnia, and all I can say to that is -UG-! Hope your new routine helps with that! :D

Also, where do you watch your reruns of supernanny? lol I love that show!