01 October 2009


I think I'll give it a go—a month of daily posts in celebration of October. Sometimes just a list maybe, like today's inventory of gratitude:

• starting the day with a clean kitchen (thanks, Rob)
• resurrecting my best recipe for freshly-ground whole wheat pancakes (thanks, cookbook shelf)
• then fancying them up with chunky plum syrup made by the lovely and talented Shakes (thanks, Emily)
• receiving a sweet visit from my favorite Jehovah's Witness girl (thanks anyway)
• after a couple days of stress, finally prying the Hi, Tony! website from the dysfunctional clutches of MobileMe and transferring services to Bluehost (thanks, online support team—I'm especially talking to you, EricW)
• beginning a new class, the Master Gardener Program (thanks USU Cooperative Extension)
• learning from two knowledgeable teachers, not just one (thanks, Larry and Adrian)
• coming home with two unexpected sacks of vegies—pumpkin, tomatoes, hot peppers—from the local "jail garden" (thanks, inmates)
• leftover love note (thanks again, Rob)
• still loving the care package our friends in Seattle sent (thanks, John and Mary)
• especially cooking to their mix CDs (thanks, John and Mary and iTunes)
• dropping dinner plans in the middle of boiling pasta water, throwing on shoes, and racing to Taco Time so we could make it into the dollar theater in 15 minutes (thank you, spontaneity)
• sneaking two vegie burritos and salsa into the movie—yes, I know they say "no outside food or drink" but it was that or starve (thank you, deep fleece pockets)
• finally getting to see Up and crying over a good story (thanks, Pixar)
• priming the baseboards while Rob installed hardware for hanging curtains (thanks, teamwork)
• reading great essays to Rob when his job took longer than mine (thanks, M. F. K. Fisher)
• remembering what I learned this morning while reading scriptures (thanks, Friend)
• looking forward to beating the chill by borrowing some warmth from my sleeping bedmate (thanks, my radiator)

Welcome, October!


Lois said...

Great list!

Jessie said...

I love this, what a great idea. Looking forward to the daily posts. :)

Sweets said...

Great idea, Georgia! I love spontaneity! Haven't seen Up yet, but I've heard it was a really good movie.

anna said...

i'm so excited to read you every day! although, for half of this month i'll be within walking distance!!!! whooopee!

Geo said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

Anna, I can't wait to read you in person!

Becca said...

Daily lightings on bright street = something to look forward to.

Geo said...

I have no idea where this blog is going anymore—it may just be for the determined who really know me, but by golly, I'm going to write my way through this month!

AmyF Hackworth said...

Well, Geo, I love your blog. It's so fun to read. Since Justin's mention was a p.s. from the night before, I thought I'd better read about the night before, and then some other days, too. I can only assume your Master Gardener teacher Adrian is Adrian Hinton, whom I LOVE. He is a dear friend and former co-worker and I know you'll enjoy every minute you get to spend with him! And kudos for undertaking the Master Gardener class! Congrats!

Geo said...

Amy, thanks and thanks and thanks! Yep, Adrian's the man. He's got a great smile and lots of enthusiasm to share, and I do like him. We intersect again!