15 September 2009

Georgia's got a squeezebox

So many reasons to smile today—

1. I was at Costco, browsing through the nicer cheeses. A young woman came up and began restocking the cooler. Her name tag said "Bree."

2. When I pulled into my driveway I noticed that a big fat orange rosehip on one of my rose bushes was wearing a smiley face. At first I thought some kid had drawn it on, but after I parked the car and walked over to inspect, I discovered that the rosehip had grown the marks naturally.

3. I found a bathing suit from the Esther Williams era at Savers. I feel sure it could swim all by itself.

4. I saw a portly little old lady wearing an incredible top covered in iridescent sequins that looked like scales from a fiery fish. She glowed! I gushed out a compliment. She expressed a little uncertainty about having worn it, but I told her not to worry, that she looked glamorous. She rewarded me with a Hollywood smile and slowly walked away, talking to me and to herself about glamour.

5. Izzy got a haircut, long overdue, and for once he didn't come home from the groomer looking like a naked rat.

6. I didn't drown during my swim lesson.

7. A nice kid at the rec center who reminds me of my cousin Casey gave me free admittance to the pool, etc. during the weeks I am in class.

8. I voted my conscience.

9. We got an accordion! It's a petite one, a 12-bass, second-hand. It sounds great. When we went to check on it (and the larger one we hope to also buy), the price was down twenty-five from last week, and then a guy with a vest and a key knocked another twenty bucks off once we decided to buy it.

10. Rob made omelettes for dinner and read me Isaac Bashevis Singer while I painted.

11. I got the last coat of paint down on the office floor, finally. Is that room ever white!

12. Mel Bay.

13. Maybe Roxanne found us a third accordion in Alaska. Honestly, what's the matter with me?


Azúcar said...

I love accordions! I really do!

c-dub said...

love it! love you.

sue-donym said...

You deserve every bit of that!

Sweets said...

I love it!! I especially enjoyed number one... about the cheese and the girl named Bree. And don'tcha just love when the Lord's creation reveals His love and creativity? =)

Lois said...

My best friend in elementary school played the accordian. Always for show and tell she would bring it to school (pulling it in a red wagon) and whip out some great polkas.

Myself, I was just the geeky girl that played the OBOE -- in the MARCHING BAND. I know, there's no oboe in a marching band! But that was the only music program at my high school.

Allison said...

I smiled extra big for the Esther Williams bathing suit. I can't think of her without thinking of you. :)

Kalli Ko said...


I love a good self giggle...

anna said...

3 accordions? are you going to have a band? that sounds pretty fun.

Roxy said...

The Inflatable Accordion Polka Pagans' 1st album song list:
Cheez & Brees, Smiling Plant Life, Swimming with Esther, Glam or Us, Bright white

JennyMac said...

Bree the cheese stocker? LOVE IT!

Jamie said...

LOOOVE your new profile pic, geo. And I miss you!