13 July 2009

A vision of blue, a Vision in green

This morning I dreamed I was painting a large watercolor landscape, so large it almost completely covered the floor of the room I was working in. I didn't use brushes at all; I spread the color with my hands and forearms. I began with blue and put all the pigment I had onto my blank page. I moved the blue around with long sweeps, creating a deep sky with great variations in tone. I pushed the most blue out toward the edges, particularly the top right corner, making those places as intense as I could. I wished I had even more pigment to apply. I gave my painting a name even before I started working on it, something with the feel of "What I Hope For" or "What's Ahead."

I do believe it's time for more big change in my life. Time to view my future with a deep blue open sky kind of peace and promise—calm and clear.

Early this evening, I walked in the Sacred Grove—so lush and fragrant, and green. I went there once before as a girl—over thirty years ago! That first time I visited the Sacred Grove I slipped away from the group of kids I was with, found a place of solitude on the trail, and knelt and prayed alone in that wonderful quiet woods, and my heart was filled with warmth and a young but peaceful conviction. It was filled again today, only with stronger emotion and an even deeper appreciation, though I never got a similar moment just to myself. As Rob and I and a little niece and a nephew explored the paths through that unique forest together, stopping to hold snails and examine wildflowers and listen to birds and wind and swat "sacred mosquitos," I was overcome with feelings of reverence and gratitude and awe and offered a silent prayer of thanks. To think what actually happened in that place! It's mind-blowing, and yet so simply sweet. The validation of man's honest searching by loving Deity and the opening of a saving and exalting dialogue—questions answered and questions encouraged. God accessible. Heaven and earth meeting together, for the joy and success of all. Wouldn't I love to interview the granddaddy and grandmama trees of those which grow there today! It was a thrill to walk those grounds, poignant to watch some of the children in my life—beneficiaries of the blessings which rolled forth from that beautiful First Vision—run happily and, okay, noisily through those woods. Can trees smile? God certainly can, and does.

I do believe. Blue and green. The basic building blocks of existence. The beginning of answers, the beginning of questions.


John said...

ooh I love this one! the symbolism in the dream is wonderful and your words describing the wonder of the sacred grove are very moving. I've never been there but I sure hope to make it there some day. I'm so glad you could experience it again after all of these years.

Nature is the best salve to our souls, wouldn't you say?

Geo said...

Oh, it's a fine one alright. I could drink all the green here and live to be 500.

Is this Seattle John?

John said...

haha! I didn't realize that my hubby was logged in instead of me. It's J'oga. John looks kinda similar from a distance ;)


Scott said...

I love this entry, too. It is so easy, sometimes, to be pulled into dimmer views. Your words have helped me look at where I am in a better light.

PS Glad to hear you and rob are having such a wonderful time there!

Becca said...

Beautiful images, beautiful thoughts. I love your watercolor already (and I take secret satisfaction in thinking we were after intense blues of sort at about the same time).

I have a feeling this one is going to stay with me. Thanks.

anna said...

how did i miss these last few posts? your dream sounds so lovely and expansive... i wish i could have come to NY too.