11 July 2009

Notes from a refresher course in love, pt. 1

Rob and I have been with his family back east for a few days for a wedding and we'll be here (in Maine and New York) a few days longer. My mind's spilling over with feelings and thoughts, wishes and observations. It's been good to be immersed in extended family culture. There's so much to learn from these wonderful people, and so much to do with these relationships.

Here's a bit of what's bumping around in my head tonight, some random bits of realization at the end of a day of nuptial vows and backyard family frolic:

• It's easy to learn to love people. So easy.
• The sound of a stream coming through your window cuts some of the discomfort of sleeping on a hard bed.
• You can tell if it's been raining outside without looking out; just listen to the sound that passing cars' tires make on the road.
• There are many correct ways to receive guests. Among them are: bolting out your front door to greet them while screaming with joy, then snatching them from their car; also, squeezing them tightly while crying, laughing, and saying, "It's been too long!" and "I'm so glad you're here!" and "Oh, I love you."
• A pretty shade of pink toenail polish can actually be a real pleasure to wear, even on the most cynical feet.
• Ironing is worth it.
• So is dancing in the cold brook in your nice clothes, and persuading the new bride (with her stinky cigar) and others to join you.
• Humidity = the illusion of more hair.
• Cheer loudly for your own in a rubber ducky race.
• He's still the man you fell deeply in love with, only better.
• Leave the recorder on.
• Forget shyness, and forget false modesty; never turn away a chance to say yes to joy.
• We're all on a journey.
• Keep a healthy playlist of great dance tunes on your iPod so you'll always be ready for a party.
• Take photos when you can, but more importantly, be part of the picture.
• When somebody dips you, relax your body and enjoy it.
• Read out loud to others.
• You're doing something very important when you help a parent with a child.
• Shake it. It's not likely you'll break it.
• Pitch in and help get the work done.
• There's really nothing sweeter than the love and friendship of family.
• Everybody's scared.
• Give people a chance to talk.
• When wine glasses get broken, help clean up the shards even if you're not drinking yourself.
• You'll never wear all those shoes so don't pack them.
• Traveling with only carry-on bags speeds up the process and is cheaper too.
• Look for something you genuinely appreciate in another person, and then express it.
• Be open to suggestions.
• Let people love you.


Becca said...

Love all of these thoughts. Love you.

J'oga said...

I feel like I should print these out and remind myself of them daily. Great insights on living life to the fullest!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, Geo. Simply great advice. On toes, I also vote for purple, yellow, orange, aqua, red (any shade), gold...makes you happy when you look down at your feet. :)

Mary said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Made my afternoon. Been lurking for a bit, thought I'd say hi.

(Johnny in Seattle's Mary)

b. said...

I always love your take on life.

word ver: excess
(nope, just right)

Johanna and Andy Smith said...

I almost feel like I'd been there. This is a treasure. Mee too, I love you and your insight and articulation.

Geo said...

Love to you all. You too, Mary. I think it's time I met you. xo

Heidi said...

I love looking into your brain. We miss you already!

Mary said...

Well, if you all ever find yourselves heading this way, there's always room here at Chez Chaos. :-)

Johnny's Mary

anna said...

diddo joh, i almost feel like i was there!