23 July 2009

Show me your life

I woke up this morning with the phrase "Show me your life" in my head. Someone unseen said it to me in a dream. The details of the dream are sketchy now at best, so I won't attempt to recount it, but those words remain, bolded, loud, and immovable—a challenge of some kind. My brain's engaged; I'm working on it. I feel a fascination coming on.

And I'm tossing it out there for your input too. What does the phrase "Show me your life" say, suggest, scream, whisper, etc. to you?

You can leave a comment here, or if you'd rather, email me at pogofig at gmail dot com. I'm really interested in your thoughts.

Sleepy Gee


Scott said...

Right now, my life feels more like a yell being muffled on the way out, if that makes any sense. So many hopes and desires, but no path to realization apparent yet. Still plowing through the underbrush, though.

Allison said...

My first thought is that maybe you should write a book about your life. The unknown person could be anyone and the book would be a way to show your life to them. You do have quite the story and so much others could learn from.

Elizabeth-W said...

Wow, that is such an intimate question.
I can show the pretty side, or the warts and all side we don't show anyone, sometimes not even ourselves.

Amy said...

This reminded me of a conversation I had with Tim once--I don't remember what we were really talking about, but at some point he said that very few people in the world have lives interesting enough to make a movie about. I said that I had always believed the opposite--that everyone in the world has a life interesting enough to make a movie about. Everyone's story is compelling in some way--I firmly believe that. And I think that we all feel a certain pull (whether we act on it not) to "show our lives" to the world, we all want to be known and understood. In the last several months I have thought a lot about stories, personal stories, and the beautiful, insightful, compassionate ways in which they could be told. I'd really like to be a part of something like that. I'm sure you can relate, Morning Stories Lady. :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten that I promised you a story of my own--it's coming.

mirjam said...

In order to show it, you have to look at it yourself. That might be the hardest part. and the most rewarding. Our life's, our self's want to be seen, acknowledged and embraced in a mindful way. Nothing needs hiding, it is all strange and beautiful.

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Okay here are my mind wanderings:

"Life" is the precious gift that you and I and everyone here have been given, but since we all have it, it might seem a little generic. However, "Your Life" is where it really gets interesting because it is personal, what YOU as a one-of-a-kind being, has done with this life you that you have been given. I think sprinkling a little Lucia on my life just means everyday life, with a little more singing and a few extra hugs, and some sparatic zanyness!
Georgia + Life = ? you tell me or, in other words, show me YOUR life.

Lois said...

I'm imagining Cuba Gooding Jr., shirtless, yelling into the phone, "Show me your life! Show me your life!"

Mary said...

Well, the first thing that came to mind was the Socrates quote, "A life unexamined is not worth living". This blog gives wonderful snapshot glimpses of a life lived thoughtfully and beautifully.
I'm also thinking of that admonition when you're job-hunting that one should be able to encapsulate one's skills and aspirations into a 20 second pitch. What if one were to try to illustrate or define one's life in that compact a space. Pare it down to the important bits . . .
My two cents. :-)

Joe the Potter said...

Stop thinking and feel your way through this. Dreams are not intellectual but emotional. Go with your first impression/feelings and you will not be far off. Also look at what the reat of the day is showing you. Animals, plants and people are God's messengers.
This much I know, your life is an important thing to the rest of us who see it.
Love from Spring City