22 July 2009


Becca’s daily 4:59
being 23 hours and 50 minutes early for a doctor appointment
wearing still-damp-from-the-dryer jeans while biking in the heat: personal swamp cooler
doses of vitamin D and seratonin dispensed from sunshine
laughing at myself with three jolly receptionists
afternoon cloud cover
dangerously rich chocolate peanut butter ice cream made in a Vita-Mix
hooping hooping hooping
story ideas
Bad Brad Wheeler (KRCL 90.9)
my Cait’s published again, in a book of stories about hair
Smokey the Bear bookmarks
family photos, however unflattering
cyber love notes
irresistible rhythms
hearing the blow-by-blow of Rob’s birthday date with our niece
white linen
soft lips
technology (always and forever)


b. said...

That sounds like a full and wonderful day!

anna said...

mmm... ice cream. how's the hooping going? and do you have pictures from kims wedding? and how are you feeling this fine july day? love annie.

Becca said...

I love it! I hope you keep 'em coming.

Chemical Billy said...

Thanks ever so, my dearie!

Rynell said...

Love this!