03 April 2009

Homespun meets the glossies

Rob and I are among many featured LDS artists in the current issue of a new mag. You can read it online here.

If you want to leave a comment, read the regular web version of our article.
If you want to view the actual print layout of the article and see the photos full-size (including one which makes me look positively lumpy, but ask me if I care), read the PDF version.

(It's better with big pictures, I think.)


Queen Scarlett said...

I love that article... loved it. You two are brilliant. Inspiring too.

Michelle said...

how interesting-- I read that article earlier this week and found it fascinating. How fun to find out that it's you!

Katrina said...

That was so interesting to read! Thanks for posting it. Fun to learn more about what you do.

Geo said...

Thanks for reading it, ladies, and for your kind words.

swedemom said...

I loved the article. And then I clicked on your website and fell in love with your company. And I am coveting that beautiful allegory of the olive tree. But the price is REALLY out of my budget range right now. I shall put it on my wish list and perhaps squirrel away some pennies right now in hopes that by the time I've actually saved enough, you won't have sold out of editions.
Oh, and the Leslie Norris collection looks wonderful.

Geo said...

Thanks for the praise, swedemom! It's nice to hear from you again. If it's any consolation, Rob and I can't afford a copy of the Allegory either. The supply's getting low, but I can almost promise we'll at least have some Leslie Norris for a while.