13 March 2009

Sick day action shots

Rats! I was down for the count on what is typically one of my best days. But I wouldn't say my Friday the 13th was a total bust. I mean I did get to catch up a little on three of my favorite things:




Better luck next time, eh? (That would be in November.)


b. said...

Ohhh....I'm so sorry you're sick!

But, you're still adorable even then...

Geo said...

Who knows, b.? If I'd stepped outside today maybe I'd have been hit by a bus or something, and then I would have had to join the ranks of the superstitious (and dead).

How was lunch? I missed you ladies.

Sister Pottymouth said...

You are beautiful even when you're sick. I hope you feel better soon!

c-dub said...

Lovely you.

Feel better soon.

And thanks for the shots!

(Oh and I meant to tell you, a friend of mine got married on this day. I love that she embraced it so boldly and wish her all the best luck in the world.)

Becca said...

I'm right there with you--sick in bed, that is.

Geo said...

Thanks, ladies.

C-DUB, I feel sure that a marriage performed on Friday the 13th is going to have all sorts of built-in fail-safes!

BECCA, ecch. Maybe we'll have to move our date till later in the week? I'm sorry you're low too. This is nasty stuff. xo