16 March 2009

Cabin feverish

Rob took pity on me Saturday. "You must be tired of being in this house, sick," he said. "Let's go to the lake so you can get out and at least see something."

It was a gorgeous day. It wasn't possible to say no, even feeling so crummy, so we went. Rob drove out along the bumpy the airport road and parked me in the sun, then he and the dog went for a walk around the lake. Getting out the front door used up my little store of energy, so even though I wanted to go with them I stayed in the car with the windows rolled down and did this:

and looked at this:

(Some shot, huh? I pointed my laptop out the window to get it. Who needs focus or framing?)

I could have soaked all the sunshine clean out of the sky and been very, very happy.


c-dub said...

It was a beautiful day--I'm so glad you got out for a bit of warm spring sunshine. Feel better soon!

b. said...

Again....what she said.
It WAS a beautiful day!

anna said...

i'm glad you got to soak in some rays.

Geo said...

Light, light, light—there's nothing more healing, really.