29 March 2009

Catching up on Project 365: March 7, pt. 2

O, Tormenta, we dream of you night and day.

You say you will feed us, but you have broken your promises before.
Por favor, do not tease us, for we are hungry.

You draw us like bees to honey.

We have cash! We will tip you! Do not turn us away.

Is it true? You will receive us? Can this be the moment we have waited for?

Gracias. Gracias. At last we are filled.


Jamie said...

la tormenta no mas!

i hope it was worth the wait!

Geo said...

Actually, it was a fun adventure—the salsa was kicky, and the queso empanadas were yummy in the greasiest grilled cheese sandwiches you ever et sort of way, but will we go there again? Rob says not likely. I say maybe if I'm craving a grilled cheese.

anna said...

yay! you finally got in! i love your photopoem blogging.

Allison said...

If the food isn't great enough to visit again at least it's opening situation provided many of us with delectable blogs to read.