01 October 2008

Six quirks (for Becca)

This piece of inhibited exhibitionism was inspired by a meme that Becca played on her blog of delight, Tropical Velvet:

1. I typically check out more library books than I can comfortably carry by myself, and am lucky to finish just one.
2. I frequently run from ringing telelphones.
3. I carry ibuprofen in an Altoids tin. It's nicer to take minty pain-killers.
4. I sing to my dog.
5. I have to use my VitaMix at least once every day.
6. I have an obsession with boots, especially black ones. If I had a lot of money, I'd have a closet full of them, all kinds.

That was an easy confessional. Anyone else care to divulge?


Jordan said...

So nice to meet you today, Geo. I may just come back again and again.

b. said...

I love your black boots.
And your quirks.
And you.

Dalene said...

What b. said.

Geo said...

jordan—I love your blog. We may just cross paths there too.

b. & dalene—Oh, these are the latest ones to make me die. And these. And, oh my stars, THESE.

Love youse two too!

Becca said...

Ahhh, this is fun. I love your quirky self.

Rynell said...

Love your quirks!

wendy said...

Very fun indeed (you and your quirks)!

liz said...

i do the same thing with library books. only i rarely even finish one.