01 October 2008

Am I really that busy, or am I just incredibly disorganized?

Don't answer that. 

I am astonished at how this past week flew. And today (I mean Tuesday though it's actually Wednesday now)—I swear it was a week long all by itself. I worked my fanny off from the time I got up till pretty much now. But it was a productive day. Here's what I managed to accomplish:

• I woke up at 7:57 a.m. after getting to sleep past 2:00 a.m. (or so). 
• I dragged myself to the shower to try and come back to life before getting a scheduled called from Boston at 8:30 a.m.
• I spoke in mostly complete sentences, 45 minutes' worth of them, while talking with Tony Kahn. It was an official interview. I was being recorded. For broadcast. This is way out of my comfort zone. I needed another shower by the time we were through.
• I succeeded in having clammy hands for the rest of the day.
• I poached eggs in a fresh spicy tomato sauce.
• I completely and repeatedly spaced off announcing that I was today's guest blogger at Segullah. Sorry about that, you three faithful readers. It's not too late for you to visit and read. Please do, in fact, . . . and maybe leave a comment so I can feel like I'm not wasting their space.
• I put deceptively simple-looking almost-but-not-quite-finishing touches on this new website. I am very happy about it—it's the next incarnation of Tony Kahn's Morning Stories work. Please, please, check it out, and check out Morning Stories too. I promise you will love it. Love, love, love. AND. If you visit the website you will get to hear the fast edit of my early morning talk with Tony. He wanted to quiz me about Gigi's death and the coffin we built. I know I've told some of you a little about it, right? Just haven't blogged the story yet. (Don't expect the whole story in the interview.)
• I spent a half-hour at D.I. with Rob, right before closing time. This was my one break of the day. Found nuthin.
• I paid the mortgage.
• I exchanged letters with Rob.
• I discovered I'm getting sick.
• I drank a blackberry smoothie, made by Chef Rob, through two straws from a giant milk glass vase while soaking in a warm tub. And it doesn't get much better than that without company.

Tomorrow? I plan to accomplish nothing besides sleeping and eating. My universe has to balance out sometime.


sue-donym said...

You could never waste anyone's space.

Geo said...

Sue, thanks for that.

Amy, how I love you!! I am only up to see if it's really October, and then I'm going back to bed till November. When I've caught up on a little rest I am going to have a good catch-up with you, I hope. I want to know what's sending you out of your comfortable(?) place. Will you pretty please send me your address and phone number again? I am so good at losing such things, almost as if I took pride in the practice. But since I am now becoming such a brave pioneer I am going to do the unthinkable and PICK UP A PHONE. See how far I've come? It's REDICALOUS!

I am also so so glad you came to knit with me those many moons ago. (Hey, did I tell you our wild-haired Italian friend eloped?!!!!!! With a German! On a Vespa!)

Let's talk soon.

ash said...

You sound great on your interview. You can't even tell that you were nervous!

Geo said...

Thanks, ash! It's because Tony is such a warm, nice person to talk to. He also kindly edited out all my stutterings and stammerings.

Becca said...

Sorry to hear your sick. Good job on the website and it's beautiful to hear your voice.

b. said...

I hope you are feeling better.

You were kinda pale last night....beautiful, but pale.

Geo said...

becca—The first time I listened to the edited interview I went from sitting at the kitchen table to face down on the floor, writhing. And to think I gave that talk to your group of women last week to open their mouths and share their stories fearlessly! That was truly the blind leading the blind.

But I got over it. I am determined to overcome my lifelong shyness thing. What a holdup.

Thanks for your loving words.

b.—I really got whomped. I hope I didn't get anybody else sick. I shouldn't have been passing around the hugs. I guess you know where I live if you need to exact your revenge. xo

wendy said...

I can't believe how late I am in reading this. I'll be listening to your interview soon! More to say, no more brain power today. You are wonderful!

Allison said...

I've sat here for a couple of minutes thinking of something profound to say that would actually convey what I want and feel like I'm not wasting YOUR blogging comment space... but all I got is this. I love you and miss you.