03 August 2008

Dr. Brian May, YOU ROCK!

This news makes me really happy. Love it! Hey, I think I'll go back to school myself.

No, really.

We are the champions, my friend,
And we'll keep on fighting till the end.


~j. said...

Interesting! He does seem like a wise man when he speaks, although I do wish he'd cut that hair.

anna said...

wow. i would have had no idea at all from the music videos. school? that sounds great. i would love to see more beautiful georgia photographs, or anything else you study.

Jamie said...

That is so great. Insipring. I wonder--if I went back to law school when my kidlets were grown- could they make me an honorary chief justice? Because that would be cool.

Geo said...

~j.. Brian May without the hair would be . . . unrecognizable!

anna. You're sweet! Right now I am studying how to use Garage Band to edit sound files. I have a copy of an interview with Gigi from two and a half years ago that I am going to send you, along with that wood for the coffin inlay . . . . I'll try to share some family photos soon. xoxo

jamie. You'd make a good'un. I think I'd like to be an honorary Pixar director.

Rynell said...

Now that is awesome. And I will be singing this song in my head for the rest of the week, I'm sure. ;)

Geo said...

Could be worse. (I won't give any examples.) Rock on, Rynell!