30 June 2008

Love note from my mum-in-law

This weekend I finished helping my mum-in-law with a family history book project, a compilation of stories written by her mother, stories told to Mum and her brother about three little gnomes and other friendly forest folk. Several others from the Tribe helped work on it as well during the earlier stages of its creation, but it was my pleasure to help Mum design, edit, and put together the final drafts, using BookSmart software from Blurb (which I highly recommend for certain types of projects, even to letterpress snobs . . . er, enthusiasts . . . like me). When she brought me back the last round of corrections to make, this quickly dashed off note in green marker was on top of the paper pile, and it made my day.

You're AWESOME, Georgia
1. You found this program
2. All that typing so fast just befr Grls Cmp
3. Pre-prep—years of learning computer stuff so now you have SKILLS—
4. Pretty clean office—easy to use
5. Great sun tea
6. Kind and encouraging
7. Good advisor because of dues paid—lends credibility to your advice—

She is always so generous and fun when expressing praise and appreciation. It's nice to hear such specific thanks, especially when some of it makes me laugh. For instance, my "office" which is so "pretty" and "clean" is actually tucked into the tiniest corner of the bare white hallway, right next to the bathroom of all places! There's no room for anything but a small nightstand where my iMac sits, my guitar, and a chair. If somebody needs to get to the bathroom I have to stand up and get out of the way to let that person pass through the hall. Mum sure knows how to accentuate the positive. Thanks, Mum!


compulsive writer said...

I love a generous mother-in-law, though of course what she said is all true. And I love your office. Sweet and simple and such a great view of that gorgeous blue tile. Makes me happy!

You have done the time to have some serious credibility and you have such an eye for beauty I'll bet that gift of love is amazing!

sue-donym said...

I heart your Mum too. She is lovely! Please tell her I said hello!