30 June 2008

Heading for the hills

Well, I ship off to girls' camp in the morning at dawn.

We're gonna rough it, you betcha!

There's no telling what sorts of adventures we'll run into!

It gets pretty chilly at night, so we'll probably build a few of these:

Because we'll burn lots of calories in the great outdoors, we'll need to keep our strength up.

(Photo by ctoverdrive.)
It should be a fun trip for everyone, but of course, there are always a few kids who get homesick for their cell phones and their mamas' cooking.



Lucky Red Hen said...

Gooooood luck. You wouldn't catch me at one of those things :)

eclecticentertaining said...

You make me laugh! Great photo editing!

Chemical Billy said...

Yeehaw! Enjoy the camping, my dear.

Rynell said...

Have fun! Don't get too many pranks pulled on you and watch out for bugs.

Mirjam said...

how was it? I'm late to ask, I know, but I'm just really busy enjoying myself...