12 May 2008


I'm writing about love somewhere. If you don't like reading about love, better not follow me there. Which is not to say I won't write anymore about love here. I don't know what it means. But I do like Wordpress. I might even love it. Time will tell. Which is not to say that I can't love Blogger anymore. I don't know what it means. Except that Friday I fell in love again. Okay, it was really Thursday. And I'm enjoying assigning code names.

Love to all,



wendy said...

Here's what I would say if I had a wordpress account:

Oh HERE you are! I've missed you. I enjoyed catching up a little. I am glad Mother's Day wasn't awful. I love love love the cards and have wanted to be very selfish with them. I will cross my fingers that Tryst Press will do cards again. I hope things are good. Do you want my most recent Birds and Blooms issue? I may read it, but I don't keep them.

Loves to you!

Jamie said...

Hi. I miss you. I could use your wisdom and your gifts and your ever-so-soothing presence right now! I just had my first painful Mother's Day, so I am grateful for all that made yours better, and sorry for all the yucky ones that have gone before.... UGH!

By the by, how are the parents and Grandam Daph? WhenI came in April, none were well. And has Joh had a baby yet? I am out of the loop!

Lois said...

Love the new blog!

I tried to do Wordpress and I couldn't get it to work (then again, I have a hard time getting my light switches to work).

Elsita :) said...

Yay Geo!!!
I was sooo happy when I found out that you were the winner of the little pin! The pin is already packed and ready to meet you (or both of you :o) You can send me your address through my blog!
Have a great day!
Elsita :)

compulsive writer said...

I'm in love with the blue and I love wordpress (except for the photo thing). I'm going to check it out.