29 April 2008

This one's for "Lick the Spoon" Lois, our Lady of Perpetual Bacon

Click the pig! Click the pig! And then get creative with bacon, a la Lois.

After that, read this.

If you come up with anything interesting, let me know. I'm not really a vegetarian; I just act like one.


compulsive writer said...

I just love Lois. And bacon. And you, too, Geo.

And I really really want a Dark Arts T-shirt.

i i eee said...

Oh my goodness. Have I been out on the action! I love the new look!

andi said...

Made me think of my kid's favorite book, "Click, Clack, Moo". Now I am hungry!

(Hey, you totally pimped your page!)

compulsive writer said...

I also meant to comment on how much I love your new look.

And tell you this link was wicked good fun.

Am'n2Deep said...

"I'm not really a vegetarian; I just act like one." This statement just cracked me up--maybe because I can relate. I do feel a little sick to my stomach after 'clicking the pig' though--maybe I really AM, and I'm just denying my true nature? Naah, I just eat my pork sparingly. :)

What Dark Arts T-shirt? Did I miss something?

Lois said...

You are too funny. You're just hoping that I'll make another batch of those bacon chocolate-chip cookies and bring them by your house, aren't you?