16 April 2008

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Today I:

•read scriptures while sitting on the toilet lid in the new bathroom
•helped Y. register for oodles of baby shower gifts at Wal-Mart (ack)
•ate a tofu-vegie wrap from Guru's and felt virtuous for avoiding meat
•was treated by Y. to a birthday pedicure at a school of aesthetics
•was friendly
•chose red nail polish
•screamed in the unexpectedly snowy wind and tried to run a block to our parking spot while wearing useless pedicure flip-flops
•pulled on a wonderfully soft pink silk-cashmere sweater that would have felt so much nicer with no layers between us
•ate ibuprofen by the fistful
•went to the house of some friends and asked their eldest daughter to consider a "job" staying with an elderly lady so she won't have to be alone at night (if the daughter doesn't accept, do you happen to know of somebody really trustworthy and caring who'd like to get paid to sleep in a nice room with a nice library in a nice house with a nice person downstairs for a nice weekly check?)
•made bison burgers for supper and felt virtuous because, well, at least it's hormone-free
•bloated and hurt
•accompanied an excitable group of teens to a batting cage, which was closed, and then to a miniature golf place, which was not
•shot some blurry photos at ISO 3200
•went to Target and bought a bath pillow, bananas, eggs, yogurt, and chocolate granola (which did not make me feel virtuous, but was really good with soymilk when I got home)
•prepped dining room windows for painting with froggy green tape
•felt inexplicably depressed
•designed a graduation announcement for my cousin who's about to be crowned a dentist
•let the answering machine do its job
•decided I need to give up blogging (but wouldja just look at me posting anyway)


wendy said...

fun list--hoping you don't give it up! Happy (late?) birthday! Hugs for the ibuprofin and explicable d. I really will call you soon!

Lois said...

Yeah, weren't you supposed to give up blogging so you could work on your screenplay? What's up! Do I need to go down there? Do I? Come on, young lady, get to work!!!

Bev Sykes said...

Give. up. Blogging????

Sorry...I don't understand the concept.

And after all the arranging to get dates and such, I forgot your birthday anyway! Sorry!!! (Of course I WAS a little busy with the grandkid at the time)

Lucky Red Hen said...

Lists are so daunting to me. If I wrote one, it wouldn't have much to it. Guess that's why I don't like writing them... because there's not much to say ;) Your list exhausts me, but YOU don't.

liz said...

i wish you wouldn't quit blogging. but i know there are times it's like eating a bad dose of cheap chocolate sometimes and I don't get from it what I want or need the way I expect.

Brooke said...

i always think i need to give up blogging too.


Nigel said...

"...crowned a dentist." Ha! Punny. Don't try to brush me off. You should be awarded a plaque. We like you because you don't have any veneer. You're a gas. Raise your hand if you feel any discomfort...

christa said...

Loved this post! You had quite a full day--I'm impressed at all you got done! What can I say? Today I did the laundry, and that has completely worn me out!!!

Rynell said...

Wow, you got so much more done today than I did. I always love your assorted lists. I am list person too.

Elizabeth said...

Wow...all this in a day?

I am interested in the chocolate granola, and that cashmere sweater sounded like a piece-o-heaven.

jILl PeTeRsEn said...

Georgia dear,
I love you so! You're list was sweet and I totally relate to feeling the depression. I have it in my mind to drive a whole 15 minutes to come give you another hug! Keep up the blogging!

i i eee said...

It's beautiful list. Happy, sad, productive, colorful...

Take care.

Olivia said...

what a list!
I'm so glad you chose the red polish, and that you did NOT give up blogging!