11 April 2008

A doggie's dream

I'm sure my dog would appreciate anything or anybody who had the time to play with him right now. We are still waist-deep in construction (which is much better than neck-deep, as we were a few days ago), and poor Izzy's been cooped up so he won't get underfoot or eat nails. At least by my birthday (Sunday!) we'll have all the extra worker bee bodies and their power tools and buckets and goobs out the door and we can all roam relatively freely through the dusty, mudded wasteland. Maybe then we'll have a rousing game of fetch before blowing out a celebratory candle.


Lucky Red Hen said...

Wish I were there to wish you a Happy birthday in person :o) But, alas, I am far, far away :o(

Rynell said...

I hope your birthday is awesome!

p.s. the doggie contraption sure made me laugh.

Lois said...

That dog cracked me up! If I had known, I would've come over and walked your dog! Or is it like the dogs we used to have when we were little and you had to take it out for a drag?

Have a wonderful birthday!

Jamie said...

What's on MY mind??? Birthday greetings are on my mind. I am working (reverently) at the hotel, realizing there are only a few hours left of your special day! I hope it has been the lovely day you deserve! On my end it has been the loveliest day of 2008 so far...it was 70-degrees and sunny and my skin sang the hallelujah chorus. A perfect day to celebrate you!

Olivia said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! You are one amazingly lovely, talented, funny, inspiring lady! I'm so glad I e-know you!

Elsita :) said...

Feliz cumpleanos Geo!
(I hope that you had a nice candle celebration)
And the video was sooo funny!
Gracias for it!
Elsita :)