28 February 2008

Getting down to business

So, I got sick. Then I got better. Then I didn't. Then I didn't some more. Then I did. Or, I'm working on it. And I've made lots of progress. It's amazing how this year's flu ravaged me in waves. Very strange.

But though I'm still hacking, I'm ready to leave off all matters of sickness now and get down to business: life on the verge of spring.

I have workmen in my living room at this very moment, making me a living room where once there was a great dark hole. Oh! You have no idea how glad this makes me.

Next, the bathroom, I think. We still have to negotiate that deal.

I have a feeling I'll be spring cleaning for the next few months. What started with last year's basement purge is now renewing itself and gaining strength. I am ready to oust furniture I hate, jewelry I don't wear, and projects I'll never finish even if I live to be Methuselah. Dust it off, snap a photo, post it to Craig's List. Unless, of course, any of you are in the market for le junque. (But don't give in to the urge; you don't need this stuff any more than I do.)

Last but not least in the news today, I have our Tryst Press web page updated. FI-NAL-LY. It's not what I'd envisioned—sadly, I discovered that my know-how as a web programmer is sorely lacking, and I ended up leaning on some handy Mac software to help me get the job done. That was limiting. When the construction dust clears, I hope to play the autodidact with an armload of library books and educate myself further on the subject of web design. Then eventually, I will (may) update again with a swankier look. But you know what? Right now, it's good enough. That's my new mantra.

There is something about the new web page about which I am practically shivering with excitement, and that is a new feature: a blog. Not just any blog, but a Morning Stories blog. Some of you may remember I talked about my volunteer work as a transcriber for my favorite radio show/podcast out of Boston. Well, the men who create the show were fishing around for ideas about how to make these transcripts more available to readers and open them up for public comment. I had myself a wee brainstorm, raised my hand, and said, in essence, Pick me! They were kind enough to agree to let me do my thing. So, would you like to know about my thing/their thing/our thing?

First of all, before I send you off to investigate, I want to encourage you to read and comment, and not only that, please avail yourselves of the fantastic opportunity to listen/subscribe to the podcast. You who enjoy visiting Bright Street I know will adore this show. Trust me on this one.

But please do go and check out this new venture, and leave your terrific, intelligent, heartening comments. You'll be the first real traffic there. You're the elite! I am rolling out the red carpet for you.

Here's the direct path to the Morning Stories Blog.

Here's the the starting point for the updated Tryst Press page (and don't miss the news and calendar page if you want to see a photo of Rob et moi at the Hertzog Award ceremony).

Some of you will be getting an official mailing today about the Tryst stuff. If you don't receive it but would like to, email me your request. By the same token, if you receive it but don't wish to, just send me a note and request to be unsubscribed from the mailing list, and soon you'll have one less piece of occasional email in your inbox. It's A-OK.

More on the Hertzog Award and other bits later.

Oh, P.S. The Morning Stories Blog will be growing daily as I post more and more of the archives, so keep checking back for more good stuff. I will post progress reports on the main MS Blog page.



i i eee said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been so ill. :(

But I like the new design! And I'm definitely going to have to subscribe to the podcast. I listened to it that one time, where they featured one of your stories, about your love letter box. I really enjoyed it.

i i eee said...

The workshop that is offered sounds totally awesome, on the papermaking.

I just realized that you're probably the one subscribed to ilovetypography.com. :) I love looking in my reader and seeing what other people in my reader are subscribed to. And I just recently stumbled on that one. I'm certainly not even a font amateur, but oh how I love the letters!

I'm also looking forward to getting the Helvetica documentary in Netflix. Looks very interesting.

Geo said...

Hi! It's nice to hear from you!

Everyone's been sick around here, right? I'm just a lemming this flu season. Had to fit in, be like the others. Next year I swear to be a non-conformist!

Hey, that ilovetypography.com person's not me. In fact, I've never seen it, but it sounds like something I'd like. Guess I'll have to pay them a visit. Thanks for the accidental tip!

Let me know what you think of Helvetica. I love documentaries anyhow, and that one sounds like a must-see.


Lois said...

Haven't checked out the new Web site yet, looking forward to it. Don't know if I can do the "Morning Stories" or not. Can you listen to them with dial-up Internet?

Chemical Billy said...

Geo - you had the very same flu, the same waves that Mr. Billy had. It was very sad, because Mr. Billy never gets sick. He doesn't know what to do with himself. But I'm glad to know you strengthen, as does he.

And the new site is lovely! Don't you dare run it down, my dear. I was suitably impressed.

My old laptop died, and I had to get a new(er) one, so I just might be able to listen to podcasts! Whee! Yay for Geo and Morning Stories.

Geo said...

LOIS. I don't think dial-up would be your friend with podcasting, but then, I haven't tried it. It's worth a shot. And if you CAN'T listen, you can always go the new blog and read the transcripts, and better yet, leave comments. The transcript thing initially grew out of a desire to make the shows useful to people who are deaf, and people wanting to use the show to practice learning English, but you just reminded me that there's still a world of folks who don't have enough computer speed or power to listen, so reading is a good option. Plus, some of us just love to read stories. I hope you'll check it out, Lois. It's totally up your alley.

BILLY. I am so sorry Mister has had to face the Anthrax. It really has been scary miserable for so many people. It's like the Plague, really.

I am glad your creative eye approves of the new site. As in other areas of my life nowadays, I'm learning to let go and allow for a finished product rather than cling to some can-never-quite-make-it-there ideal. Doesn't mean it doesn't bug me sometimes. But I am making progress!

Don't you just HATE it when you have to get a newer, nicer computer? Boy, I sure do! I hate my new iMac with a great big smile on my face every single day. So what if it's beans and rice for a while? I like beans and rice!

Am'n2deep said...

What a fantastic idea to add the pod cast! I listened once before and loved it!! I'll be checking it out again soon.

Geo said...

AM'N. Another something I wrote got excerpted on the lastest Morning Stories episode. It made all my hair stand up to hear it, but what fun!

andi said...

Hey, I am just getting caught up here on Bright Street. I am only late because I have been sucked into the selling frenzy on KSL.com. All my junk has FLOWN out the door with just the press of a button.

Geo said...

ANDI. You may have just answered my burning question about how to sell some of my stuff. Aiee! Thank you!