02 January 2008

I do have a few goals, honest I do

I enjoyed a very friendly lunch today with the local bloggity babes, to honor both the birthday of honey b. and the visit of the great and powerful bek. I inadvertently told sue-donym, who has devised a great plan for weekly resolutions this year, that so far I'd set none for myself beyond spending the first part of my year figuring out what resolution to make. Now that I think of it, that's not true. There actually are a few goals I'm already aiming at with some degree of clarity and purpose, if not the traditional new year's rigidity. But I wouldn't go so far as to call them resolutions. That word gives me the heebeegeebees anymore. Gunshy, I guess. So how about:

seven to nine pounds of me gone by El Paso time
shoot a photo (or more) a day, for fun
journal every day (journalling ≠ blogging)
put my face in some scriptures every day, no minimum time requirement
some kind of enjoyable exercise daily—no imposed structure, just shaking it up a little

I'm leaning in the direction of simple health-ifying habits as a general focus for 2008. I feel the need to put my life into better order without being hard on myself. Can it be done? Watch me.

There are some big projects that I must tackle in this first month of the year that are going to take a goodly chunk of my time for as long as it takes me to get them finished. But they are time-sensitive. First, I must compile, edit, and prepare the annual history for my ward, or church congregation. This will be the fourth year in a row I've done this. It's a little like herding cats, trying to persuade and direct a dozen and a half people to turn in histories of their individual quorums and auxiliaries, but I've learned to do it more or less without stress. Second, I have to shoot extensive photos of the entire inventory of Tryst Press books. We just got a new camera, not the tricked-out new Nikon of our dreams, but a decent and affordable D40 that will do the job nicely enough. I'm going to have to set up a little makeshift picture studio to tackle this project. Third, I'll be completely overhauling our fine press web page—it's going to be totally different, and much more focused on our books. I've got about a week to finish #1, and then the other two need to be done yesterday, basically. Rob's been working on designing new letterhead, and as soon as he's done with that, I'm off and running with the web stuff. I will heave such a happy sigh of relief when these jobs are done. I anticipate enjoying each process, but boy oh boy, what a tight schedule for a while. Maybe if I just let myself get lost in this work, some of those extra pounds I want to jettison will naturally fall away. (Oh, don't I wish.)

I almost forgot to mention my new pet project, which is only for pleasure and the sake of volunteerism. I've done my first transcription for a favorite podcast: WGBH Morning Stories. And I intend to do more. Morning Stories is a consistently terrific podcast; if you're not familiar with it, I highly recommend you give it a listen. It's the sort of thing that gets me very excited about radio, about documentary, about personal essays and stories, about all things media-related, about writing, about sharing, about people. It's the good stuff, truly. And recently, a request for people willing to transcribe episodes was sent out to the grateful masses, and I couldn't resist. Like I have time for another thing right now. But it didn't matter; I just couldn't stop myself from raising my hand and saying, "Pick me!" And anyway, it felt right, and who can argue with that? If you also enjoy such stuff as this, maybe you'd like to contribute a little time as well. If you're interested, contact me, and I can tell you where to start. But do try the podcast on for size at least.

I ordered a foot pedal to go with some free transcription software I downloaded to help with this WGBH thing. I know, totally overboard. But maybe not really. I have tapes of my grandmother that need to be transcribed. I have other ideas. Project inspirations. A buzzing brain. Manic thoughts. Get me a prescription, somebody. Help!

I'll tell you what's a lot more like herding cats than motivating ward members to write a few pages of history, and that is reigning in my own impulsive nature. Fluffy bits of me are forever running here and there, scratching, spitting, hacking up fur balls.



andi said...

I have always loved this clip, especially the shot of the cowboy and the lint roller.

You have a dizzy list of brain buzzes. How exciting about the new camera! Be sure to post your book pics.

Lucky Red Hen said...

What the... I don't have b's bday written down. So sad I missed it. So sad I missed the lunch. So sad.

Am'n2deep said...

I grew up on a farm and did a little cattle herding myself (pigs too--have you ever had that experience? Whew!! Much tougher than cows!)...but cats? Well anyway, I'm feeling for ya!

And I listened to a morning story. Very sweet. In fact, I might be hooked!

And, and, I so get the whole gunshy, heebeegeebees thing. For the first time in a long time I'm feeling positive about the New Year and setting a few goals. (I'm hoping I'm not just going through a manic episode!):P

Am'n2deep said...

Oh, and, and, and, It was lovely to get to sit by you at lunch!

Amy said...

Hooray for WGBH! Boston has the most awesome public radio/TV. I can't wait to see the new website and pics! I am in the process of trying to figure out how to get a site up and running for Tim. I'm getting there but mostly the process just makes me feel like a big idiot. So I'm looking forward to being inspired by yours! And the cat herding thing is one of my all time faves. My bro-in-law works for EDS, and comes from a ranch family, so we've always gotten a good laugh out of that spot. "I'm living the dream."

Geo said...

ANDI. Go ahead and say it—a dizzy BRAIN.

I just hope the final photos will pass the test of my photo-savvy friends!

LUCKY. I am thinking we really need some kind of b-day directory. Not published to the web, of course. It would have been so nice to have you there yesterday.

AM'N. I'm glad I'm not herding mental pigs. That makes me feel better.

Oh, if you like Morning Stories, I have other podcast suggestions as well. But I don't want to be held responsible if you never get any more real work done!

I am feeling the very same way about the new year. If it's nothing more than a manic episode, I say we should enjoy it while we can!

And and and and yes, I wholeheartedly agree that it was good company sitting by you yesterday. You're good to talk to. You on one side and b. on the other—sweet!

AMY. Yeah, it's true; WGBH is swell. You're a lucky ducky to live in Boston (but I still hope you move back here).

Web design really can deal a blow to one's self-esteem. Are you doing everything from scratch, or using some kind of assistant? Don't lose heart. Remember, simple and clean is beautiful!

b. said...

Where in the h did my comment go?

Oh, well.....I think you are just wise dear friend....

But I hate cats. I'm sorry. I just do.

Chemical Billy said...

I'll add my voice to the chorus of those who instinctively shudder at the word "resolutions." But it's good to have some things you wanna accomplish. You can add "be kind to yourself" to your list.

And, if your life ever settles down (I know, I know), I have a play that wants transcribing. Or maybe I'll learn the task my own self...

Kalli Ko said...

hey, this reminds me of my childhood in Wyoming...

here kitty kitty!!

Elizabeth said...

All right...you don't have seven or nine pounds to lose.

But, other than that, I LOVED your resolution thoughts. I like the idea of focusing on self-improvement without rigid guidelines, making it possible to not feel guilty or be hard on yourself. We're that way enough already. Loved the thought of shaking it up a bit, sticking your nose in holy writ, and LOVED the bit about taking a photo every day. I should do that. That would be lovely.

In any case, thanks for sharing. I always like visiting your blog.

Lois said...

Transcribing radio shows? Are you trying to be ME? What's up?

Rynell said...

What a nice list of resolutions, goals are good and all that, but I must say you're pretty awesome the way you are.

Geo said...

B. But you're okay with cowboys, right?

BILLY. I like your suggestion. I'm trying very hard to make sure that's one of my goals.

Your play, is it recorded and not written? Or just not formatted? Huh? What?

KALLI. You've had experience then?

ELIZABETH. I love how positive you always are.

(I am positive I still have some extra me to shave off, but part of that is me needing to tighten up what's loose. Ecch.)

LOIS. I am ALWAYS trying to be you!

RYNELL. You are kind, lady.