19 January 2008

Tonight I'm thankful for

• finding out about Celtx
• and TriggerStreet
• at the script workshop
• while I waited for the presentation to begin, getting hit with a story idea that flowed faster than my ink could
• my commitment to write a script
• continuing to sense that 2008 was meant to be a creative year
• receiving a free DVD of Spanky Ward's Crossroads
• a surprise visit from Jill and a chat while I made an omelette
• talking things out and staying calm
• figuring out a new direction for our business
• Kneaders' macaroons
• getting to know my fellow Morning Stories transcriptionists
• good metaphors
pizza, piazza
• seeing the all-around best short film program to date at the LDS Film Festival
• going on a "date" with Debby instead of going to the festival stag
• heart-to-hearts
• "plugs"
• ibuprofen (see "plugs")
• portable hard drives
• inspiration
• zombies aren't real
• blue on blue stripes
• rediscovering old sound recordings
• forgiveness
• good intentions
• late night hamburgers
• glue


Rynell said...

OH how I love your thankful lists!

Each time I read one, I find things on your list that I am thankful for as well as some additional things on my thankful list.

Am'n2deep said...

Eclectic, and oh so fun to read!

compulsive writer said...

Excellent! I'm hoping for creativity in my life this year, too. I want to learn to make my own soap. Want to team up?

I missed seeing you at the film on Saturday, but I'm so glad you were able to make it for lunch Friday. I'm still giggling over my enlightenment. I do need to get out more.

Am'n2deep said...

C-dub: Years ago, I taught classes on how to make decorative glycerin soaps.

I could...uuh...'enlighten' you. Much cleaner...

Mirjam said...

scripts are so fun, and then the rewrites begin... Good Luck.
BTW Ethan reads scripts really well and is (nearly) always available to give feedback....

andi said...

I can't believe you used the word "plugs" in your post. Oh my! The code word at our house is "Party Favors".

And the word verification tonight was DIETISM. That is the closest thing to a real word I have ever had.

BTW - Have you ever clicked on the handicapped icon next to the word verification? Just make sure all the lights are on and your husband is close by. CREEPY!

Geo said...

RYNELL. Was "zombies aren't real" already on your list, or is that a new one for you?

AM'N. Thanks, ma'am.

C-DUB. I've made soap before, under my sister-in-law's guidance. It was fun! I'm definitely game.

As for Friday's frabjous frenetics, it was fun, and I still say my life is pretty vanilla compared to my friends'.

MIRJAM. I don't think I'm in the right league yet to call upon your talented husband's services, but maybe I will anyway.

ANDI. "Party favors"? Now, that's funny! I won't ask.

Let's hear your definition of dietism. That's a terrific word!

I did click the link as you suggested and it took me back to grade school and being creeped out to the point that I cried and couldn't sleep when my girlfriend played Revolution #9 over and over at a slumber party. That nearly ruined me for life.Yecch!