24 January 2008


This is a dark day at our house. Rob has lost his favorite fountain pen!


Am'n2deep said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for Rob. I hope he finds it!

But honestly, should I know about that little skit? How did you come across that?

Now I'm convinced you can find anything on youtube.

Geo said...

AM'N. Me too. You know how some people are about their dogs, dressing them in baby clothes and pushing them around in shopping carts? We're nearly as doting with our pens here. 'Specially Rob!

That was a comedy skit from The Kids in the Hall, from way way back. I came across it recently while searching for the headcrusher skits:



compulsive writer said...

Did you say a prayer? Don't laugh.

Hope he finds it.

And bless you for introducing me to my new best friend, Google Reader. We're going to become very close, I can tell.

i i eee said...

Google Reader's the shizz bomb, y'all.

I was going to ask if you've said a prayer yet as well. :)

Geo said...

Knelt there, prayed that. Thanks for suggesting it, ladies. Pens are definitely worth praying about!

Jamie said...

I miss those crazy cross dressing kids in the hall...thanks for the memories and I hope the pen gets found.

eclecticentertaining said...

Oh, how I miss The Kids in the Hall! To this day, every time my husband and I meet someone names Darrell, we turn to one another and say (phoenetically) "Duh-rill".

The skit was also scarily close to my life. I'm such a creature of habit. I have a minor, albeit internal, freak-out at church when someone takes my spot. While I don't have a special pen - I use pencils - I do freak out when my husband or two children put a non-sanctioned pencil in my pencil cup.

So, I feel for you, Rob.

Geo said...

JAMIE. I guess if it doesn't turn up, at least Rob will get to shop for another one. No can live without a Pelikan.

ECLECTIC. Somehow I think most of us have our little neurotic loves! That's so funny about your pencil cup -- I have a cup on my desk too that only holds my personal selection of golden writing instruments. It's okay if they're out of ink, awaiting refills, but stick one juiced-up, free-flowing, medium-point anything in there, and I can't handle it. Fine, fountain, or flee!

Mirjam said...

So sorry about the pen. And I might be one of the few who can relate. I still use the same fountain I had in school. And last week I came across my very first pen. I was 6 when I started learning with it. Now Liam is the proud owner of his first fountain pen and we are practicing cursive every day.... Good luck and my condolences.

Elizabeth said...

I HATE losing favorite pens.

Geo said...

MIRJAM. I still want to buy one of the amazing German school pens. Will you arrange it for me sometime?

ELIZABETH. What's your favorite one to hate losing?

Lois said...

Nigel is the same way about his pens. He will only write with waterproof, archival black pens. I think it's very haughty of him to think that anything he writes needs to last forever. Personally, I like a cheap roller ball. I don't want anything that I write to stay around.

andi said...

Oh, you would be so proud of me. I recently taught my kids the art of head-crushing and face-pinching. I don't think they really get it, but I do and lately, that is all that matters.

BTW - I totally dated that guy in the skit. Wait, I think you may know my ex-fiance. He was the ex to end all exes.

b. said...

Uni-bal Jet Stream.

This cracked me up!

At work, sometimes a physician will come to see patients and want to write orders, but "forgot" his pen. Who forgets their pen when it is necessary to complete their job? (This is my neurotica here) So, they'll ask to use mine. I KNOW where that hands been. I watch them stick it in their mouth or worse...ohhhh, Geo, this was perfect.
I love when it's made so hysterically clear how weird we are about things.