10 January 2008

Could it be I'm manic?

I can't sleep.

All of a sudden I can't stop thinking about building a yurt.

It seems like a fantastic idea to assemble a backyard death ray.

It makes perfect sense to me to donate our bicycles to charity and build bamboo replacements. It's almost spring, you know. There's no time to waste!

And I can't sleep.


wendy said...

If this happens a lot, and you actually BUILD a yurt, yes, you could be. :)

Lois said...

Oh, let's totally do it! The yurt, the death ray, the bamboo bicycle, all of it! Let's build a death ray IN a yurt powered BY a bamboo bicycle!

compulsive writer said...

I hate not sleeping.

Geo said...

WENDY. It's being spiritually created as we speak.

LOIS. Yes, I can feel in my bones that you would be a great yurt-building partner. Get busy studying those plans!

C-DUB. When we get the yurt done, you can come over for an insomniac bloggers' retreat!

AzĂșcar said...

I *can* sleep, I just don't want to.


Better things to do.

I could:
Work from home
Day dream about what car I could buy
Make cookies
Unpack a new mixer
Hum to myself
Get to level "Hard" on Guitar Hero
Chat with friends
Think about remodeling
Dread remodeling
Wonder if I am saving enough for retirement
Plan on winning the lotto (even though I don't play)

No end of things to get done!

Geo said...

AZ. I think you should come to the non-slumbering blogger party as well. We can run an extension cord from my house out to the yurt so you can bring your new mixer. Just one more try at marshmallows, please? If they don't work out again, we'll fire up the death ray and have some fun.

Am'n2deep said...

I think if Azucar shows up and plugs guitar hero into the extention cord, I'm inviting myself. In fact, I will even offer up an extra extention cord for marshmallow making as well.

Sorry you can't sleep!

elizabeth-w said...

There are yurts all over the Oregon coast you can stay in for practically nothin!
I just met with a lady yesterday who thought maybe she was getting manic because she reorganized all her kids' bedrooms, painted a couple of them, cleaned out the garage, started 'enjoying' her husband A LOT, and a few other things. And on 3 hours of sleep.
Ah...the hypomanic phase....good times....good times.

Geo said...

AM'N. You won't have to invite yourself. You'll be on the guest list. (You just won't be allowed to sleep.)

EW. She thought just maybe, huh? Ha. Yeah, it has its upside sometimes.

eclecticentertaining said...

You make me laugh! I stay up half the night obsessing about all kinds of stuff... right now on cleaning supplies!

Rynell said...

What a cool yurt!

And I can sleep, but put it off too long and then I am so very zombie-fied in the morning that I can't be productive.

I hope you get some very constructive sleep soon.

Geo said...

ECLECTIC. Sounds like as good an excuse as any to lose sleep! Bring your Comet and join the yurt party!

RYNELL. I'm praying that big cartoon mallet comes down from the sky and whangs me on the head this evening so I can count sheep instead of projects.

eclecticentertaining said...

I'm actually giving all Comet and commercial products away. I'm making all my own stuff (window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, furniture polish, clothes detergent) out of baking soda, rubbing alcohol, Fels Naptha soap and lots of other old school stuff.

Cooking isn't enough for me any longer... I need recipes for my cleaning products!! Stop me... I need help!!

andi said...

I have friends in Boulder Ut. that have lived in a yurt with their two daughters for years. The have their yurt and their barn and they are completely self-sustaining (even the hand cranked radio for npr) in a little patch of paradise.

Only one problem, yurts and presses seem like a bad combination. All that moisture and all the ink on fresh white wool walls. How about a treehouse?

Jamie said...

There was a family in our build who moved into their house from a yurt in the Absarokas.

Their kids hated high school so they left town again, but the mom's sister is still our neighbor--our fun "crazy hippy" neighbor with the orange house. Fun.

I wish you sleep, my dear...

Jory Dayne said...

Yurts are all the rage right now! I now a couple folks who are currently looking to do the same thing!


I sent you a message over at your tryst address, and was wondering if you had gotten it?