03 April 2007

Honk if you love Geo

So, my birthday's coming on Friday the 13th (lucky me!). I know you're all wondering what to get the girl who has everything (i.e., a thrift store wardrobe, an astonishing dandelion collection, several dozen complexes), and I figure you'd like some suggestions. How about . . .

. . . a closet full of Anthropologie?*
. . . a trip to Iceland?
. . . "the works" at an Aveda hair salon and day spa?
. . . a lifetime membership to a gym?
. . . my very own sauna?

Or maybe you weren't planning to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on me this year. Eh, well, your loss on the sky miles. We've all got our budgets to consider; truly, I understand. I would be a real hypocrite to hold your empty pockets against you.

So maybe what you need is an economical idea for my 43rd. (Yes, that is what I said: FORTY-THIRD. I'm a Beatles baby. You've got a problem with my age?) Well, here's a thought: send me a photo of yourself.

Of course, I only want photos from people who love me, or at least like me enough to genuinely call me a friend. Honest! I would be thrilled! See, I have this photo album that I have reserved for mug shots of dear ones, something I can pull out when a day goes wrong (like that ever happens, huh?), and I need to get my bearings and answer the burning question: "Who loves ya, baby?" My album is none too full right now, and I think that isn't because I'm a total loser, but because I haven't solicited pictures properly.

So now I'm soliciting. If you want your face to fit into my Album of Love, a 4"x6" print (or smaller, if you must) will work. I am not quite pathetic enough to post my street address for all the stalking world to see, but here's the next worst thing: go to aitch tee tee pee etc. trystpress dot com, click on the contact link in the sidebar, and voila, you will find a P.O. box number where you can send your pretty face and it will find its way to me. Or you could hand-deliver, if you live close by and want to save a stamp. (It is fun to get mail though.)

I think everyone needs a "Who loves you, baby?" book. That, and a quiet book for church. And an iPod. (I'm getting mine tomorrow!!! Thanks, Rob!!!)

*And for future reference, I'm an Anthropologie 6/small above and an 8/medium below, and my feet are a whoppin' 9-1/2. Something to think about at tax refund time. I'm just sayin'.


compulsive writer said...

I love you, baby! And I think this is going to be the best Friday the 13th ever!

compulsive writer said...

p.s. Thanks for the link for the sauna. I want one, too!

Geo said...

Hey, listen, I LIVE for these Friday the 13th birthdays! I get to turn a prime number AND have my pick of days—these two facts bode well for the future. Since I am going to be the black cat birthday girl, I feel I can bestow good fortune on any and all I choose, so . . . have a happy, lucky 13th!

P.S. I'm ready to see your beautiful tree.

P.P.S. Don't those saunas look great?

liz said...


let me guess.....23 again!


metamorphose said...

What a great idea. Even though I just met you recently, I'm narcissistic enough to try and send you a picture. Heh heh. I hope you don't mind. That way you can remember me always.

p.s you're hot.

Johanna said...


Elizabeth said...


This post made me laugh. And I second Johanna (her response also made me laugh): Honkity Honk Honk Honk!
Also love the sizes specification at the bottom. Glad somebody else has larger-than-normal feet for a lady (I'm a 10+). Yes, 'tis true. And the photo album idea is just lovely. Perhaps you'll get something in the mail. :)

Geo said...

liz: I think of myself as a 30-year-old and a Beehive rolled into one.

meta: You're gonna make my album look AMAZING!

joh: Who you callin' a honky?

elizabeth: Big-footed women rule the world! I may as well be a 10, because some shoe companies don't make my half-size, and 9s generally won't fit. 10s give me wiggle room, and I'm all about the wiggle room.

(Thanks, you two, for the honks.)

Becca said...

does the photo of m practically gagging that only-you-have count or should i hunt for another one? i think you're gonna love the ipod. i would be getting one for my birthday too if martin didn't already have one i have access too; i've decided in favor of the new bike instead.

i'll be honkin' your way from now 'til the 13th and i wanna see your album!

Carrotjello said...

Oooh, I bet you I could get you a lifetime membership to our elementary school gym. I will check that out for you.

Jamie said...

I logged on to say "HONK, HONK", but Joh beat me to it! :) I am making you a most fabulous birthday gift and I hope it arrives in tact for you. I will throw in some Melin pix, too, for your book. Funny, my kids actually have books just like that from Sassy baby products, I think--they are little plastic photo albums that sat "WHo Loves Baby?" and i have all teh G'rents adn cousins and stuff in there...I suppose grown ups should have them, too. I used to have "My self-esteem box" which contained my very favorite letters/ cards of all time. My fan mail, if you will. I dont' know where it went, but it was always effective. My institute students' final testimonies are treasures like that to me, too. I'll try not to ruin your book with my mug! ;)

Lucky Red Hen said...

Honk Honk (even though it's been said, many times, many ways).

Great post and great seeing you the other day when I was cranky because seeing you made me feel a titch (I was REALLY cranky) not as cranky ;o)

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Melody said...


(word varification: etamigp -- it means "we are friends" in Gaelic)

sue-donym said...

And we are doing lunch when...?

Size 10 shoes rock! (as do 9 1/2's when they can be founds)

Happy Birthday to one of my favorites! (Picture to follow)

Julie said...

Hawnk. Fresh from Tejas.

Happy Birthday, friend!!! April birthdays absolutely rock.

c jane said...


(But my car horn goes like this:)


love.boxes said...

What a great idea. :)

metamorphose said...

Happy Birthday! Still haven't sent a picture -but someday I will! Hope you have a wonderful day!

~j. said...

Happy Birthday to Lovely You!!!


Chemical Billy said...

Eeep, see, I should read your blog before sending off a wee package. Except that I don't have any actual printish pictures, so it wouldn't have mattered ennyway. Would a digital pic count?

I loooove Friday the 13th-s, and today I have reason to love them even more. Lovely birthdayesque wishes to you, Geo.

compulsive writer said...

Yes, I did end up honking my nose more than my horn today, but the message was the same, yes?

Happy HAPPY Birthday Geo Dear! I'm feeling grateful to know you and count you among my dear friends.

Jory Dayne said...

Geo --

FYI, IcelandAir is running a special right now, round trip to Reykjavik is only $332 if you fly out of Boston, Baltimore, NYC or Minneapolis.

(I knew I was still subscribed to that special fares list for a reason. If I can't pass on the tickets, at least I can pass on the tip!)

b. said...

honk!hawnk!beep! and woot woot!
I hope your day was wonderful!

Geo said...

Gosh almighty, I haven't been honked at like that since hitting puberty in a military town! Thanks a million, ladies!!

Sorry to have been gone so long—had a nasty stomach bug last week, and then the birthday weekend onslaught . . . more about this soon.

Lunch? Did I hear somebody say LUNCH? I like lunch. Let's do lunch.

BY THE WAY. I love each and every one of your guts, you gorgeous honking bloggity friends who SECRETLY WENT TO SHANNON'S and sat for mug shots AND SHARED YOUR FACES WITH ME so I could put them in my special "Who loves ya, baby?" book. I cannot tell you how I love you all!


(I will be blogging about your vast wonderfulness as soon as I have a few minutes to spare.)

Jory—I am eating my heart out that I cannot buy a ticket to Iceland right this very minute!

Jamie said...

Georgia...Look what I just found while checking out My Cousin Lacy's blog...twin boys born on your birthday!

And hey, when can I come visit you and the clan? I will be in town Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Liz said...

your comment on cjane today was so thoughtful! It totally made me want to be at your bloggers luncheons to meet and support and gossip and laugh!

blogger strangers/ friends ROCK!

Melody said...

G - gentle
E - endearing
O - objet d art
R - remarkable
G - gracious
I - integral
A - adored

It's all true. And in the photo - which was a little more blurred than i had expected - you might have noticed the typeface, print maker that you are. That's right...of course, it's Georgia!

Emily said...

Geo...I don't know you at all, but I have read your comments on other peoples' blogs (most recently your clever additions to the add-on stories at cjane's and CW's) I've even lurked around here a bit--and you seem like such a lovely person. Happy Birthday! May all your b-day wishes come true--especially the ones at Anthropologie -- love 'em.

Geo said...

Jamie: It was so great to see you and Jill and meet baby James this weekend. Thanks for the "Y-O-U R-O-C-K" banner. Very cool. Love you.

Liz: You are already seated at my table of People I Really Want to Meet. Come on over!

Melody: ARen't you afraid of making my head swell? YOU et al are SWELL!

Emily: How nice of you to leave such a friendly comment AND good Anthropologie mojo! Thanks! You are very welcome here!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday friend!
You must check out these beautiful birthday cards. I'm sending it to you now: see your printable bday card