30 March 2007

I'll see you in [your] dreams

It appears I am imposing myself upon the otherwise dreamless slumbers of my friends lately. A few days ago at a church function a neighborhood friend told me she dreamed that Rob and I adopted. She didn't get to fill in with details; a woman I recognize but don't know butted into our conversation with bitter complaints about the impossibility of adopting when she and her husband already had two children. The original chat sort of fizzled out after that.

But today, one of my best-beloveds on this planet and any-every other emailed me to say:

You were in my dream last night, Geo. You were you, but you were also my French colleague, K. (she is nearly as wonderful as you). I was doing your hair, putting it into a chignon, and then I put a snood on it. You were lovely. At some point in the dream, however, the snood turned into a funny hat, and we cracked up at the way it made your forehead look extraordinarily tall. I didn't want to wake up from that dream.

So, Mr. Billy forwarded me this, and I knew I had the excuse to tell you—you've been in my mind, conscious as well as un-.

Chemical Billy

I don't count this as a blogger dream, because CB and I go waaaaay back to the time before blogging, before computers, before dinosaurs, before light and dark and calling them good. This dream made me really really happy.

Hmmm. Where will my next stop be in Slumberland? Watch yourselves, folks. If you don't want me haunting your dreamscapes, stay away from late-night pizzas.


Elizabeth said...

You'd be great company to have in my dreams. I wouldn't complain at all.

Becca said...

I do see you in my dreams frequently. It doesn't surprise me one bit that others to do.

Jamie said...

I haven't seen you in my dreams lately, but that's okay cuz the only ones I remember are about working things out or running terrified from people I have a problem with. And before that they were crazy pregnant dreams about having giant babies (and those dreams came true). But I, too, would like you to visit my dreams. That's like one of the Spongebob episodes we ahve on DVD...he goes around to all of his friends' dreams, even his per snail, who turns out to be thins major genius/professor guy. It's a funny one. Don't hate because I watch Spongebob. Also, I just realized that I knew Chemical Billy (thru you) about 17 years ago, too. Good times. And Sweet Dreams...

Geo said...

elizabeth: Then maybe you should consider placing an order with Pier 49 Pizza this evening . . . .

becca: And you have such great dreams too. I'm always happy when you cast me in one of your nightlies. Pizza for you tonight too . . . ?

jamie: If you're ever dreaming and find you need a flying companion, somebody to show you how to tragically lose all your teeth, an example of what not to wear when you're taking public transit (i.e., your birthday suit), or a mentor to teach you how to panic when you're expected to take a final exam in a class you forgot you'd signed up for, I have lots of experience . . . so give me a call.

Don't worry about Spongebob; we all have our guilty pleasures.

Chemical Billy is still my squeeze after alla this time. Glad you remember her!

Chemical Billy said...

Oh, lookie what I miss when my laptop is up on blocks!

Geo dreams are my favorite.

Jamie! What an amazing thought - almost a whole lifetime ago. And what a grand assortment of folks I've been able to meet courtesy of our own Geo.