15 February 2007

February 15 (the cosmic eye, some random guy, five films to try, she's not so spry)

This morning's wheat grass greeted us with a calm gaze. See the eye?

Neither Rob nor I were feeling well this evening, so we went to our favorite movie rental place—the Orem Public LIbrary—and browsed the shelves. This is typically my favorite section: Foreign Language films.

At a buck a week per movie, we can afford to check out a wide selection.

Here's a different sort of entertainment altogether, and it's free of charge—a game called "Where did The Ancestor leave her teeth tonight?"


b. said...

I looove the eye. I don't love wheat grass. I think the teeth are funny. I love your rhymey titles.

Geo said...

The eye loves you too, b. It wants you to drink . . . drink . . . ommmm.

Elizabeth said...

The wheat grass drink looks enticing. I want to try it. I was reminded of renting movies at the library...we need to do that more often. I noticed you had "New York Doll." I don't know if you've seen it already, but don't you think it's kind of funny the stereotype of Mormons that come through in the film (the women that worked with him in the library)? I thought that was funny.

Jamie said...

I love the stereotypical Mormon ladies in New York Doll, especially when they say "We're groupies." They kill! I own this movie, I loved it...you remember my review and how it reminded me of Kevin B.

Geo said...

Liz, we're in between batches now . . . I haven't quite got the routine down to an art yet so we have perpetual wheat grass, but I'm working on it . . . but if you want to try it, you could go to Jamba Juice and order a shot. I'd start with a 1-ounce just to see if you can handle it. Some people hate it. The nice Jamba people will give you an orange slice to chase it with if you ask for one. Or you could wait till I'm in business again and come over for a swig. It's a good idea to try it before committing yourself to anything. I've even heard that some people like barley grass juice better, because it's not quite as strongly flavored, and they find it easier to tolerate. Me? Gimme the wheat. It's the only way I can do wheat at present. I really hate barley, though I'm sure the juice just tastes green like any other grassy stuff.

Yeah, the little genealogy groupies made me wince and hoot, simultaneously. I love them. I love Arthur. I LOVELOVELOVE David. That film was just right.