14 February 2007

February 14 (it's good to drink the green green grass of home)

Look! Our first harvest! Wonderful, oxygenating green! Green is love. Must drink the green.

Who needs champagne on Love Day? We've got each other, and we've got green!


compulsive writer said...

I'm assuming that's my favorite: wheat grass juice.

So good for you. Maybe I need to wander over to Jamba today and get my fix.

Now that I have had my fix of Geo posts.

Thank you!

(Can't help but notice the contrast between the post fried twinkie pic and the "Sante!" picture of you knocking back your juice.)

Elizabeth said...

This picture made me laugh out loud. I love it!! You're both looking very posh. I confess: (I've never had wheat grass? juice). I have, however, grown it. How do you make the juice?

Geo said...

c-dub: I do look much more lively in this photo, no?

Glad you're a member of the Green Party too. We'll have to get together and play shots sometime.

Liz: Posh? Now I'm laughing out loud! (Maybe I need to drink more if it makes me posh.)

To juice wheat grass, you must either chomp it like a cow all day long, or you must have a juicer. We inherited a simple hand-crank deal, a stainless steely thing, and it's very very easy to use and quick to clean up. Totally worth the little bit of time it takes (minutes). Plus you get something pretty and green growing in your house.

Elizabeth said...

So...how much wheat grass does it take for one glass of this stuff?

Geo said...

Oh, Liz, never ever ever try to down a whole glass of wheat grass juice! We're talking just a shot glass. That big tray I made took about a cup and a half of wheat. If you want me to teach you Wheat Grass 101 (with no GA's involved this time, probably, sorry) I'd be happy to. I can direct you toward supplies too, if you don't mind a drive to Fairview.